Hawaii Family Life Launch Brings Travel Information for Traveling With Children



Have you thought about your dream vacation to Hawaii? Are you concerned that some tours or events might not be age-appropriate for your little or not-so-little ones? HawaiiFamilyLife.com is a tour package and blog site offering information about traveling in Hawaii specifically geared for families with children.

At Hawaii Family Life, owner Faith Kim wants visitors and locals alike to have great, memorable experiences when they are on a vacation in Hawaii, however, she quickly discovered most tour sites and blogs only offered information geared towards adults with children as an afterthought. “I was on a hike that mentioned it was toddler friendly. But missed the fact that there were multiple sections with large drop-offs and steep climbs! Luckily I brought my carrier so I didn’t have a toddler in my arms while scaling up a portion of the path,” says Faith. “On the flipside, other activities might be too ‘young’ for teenage kids. There’s no separation between babies, preschoolers, elementary-aged kids or teenagers when it comes to most recommendations. I thought it will be great to have a travel info site that keeps all ages in mind.”

As more families with children visit Hawaii for vacations, Kim believes that great information with kids in mind will provide a much better experience for the adults also. “After all, as parents, we invest so much time and money into creating these memorable vacations for our families,” says Kim, “why not get the most out of them?!” Based out of Oahu, Hawaii, Hawaii Family Life plans to cover not only tours and locations in Hawaii, but expand to other areas.

Kim, travel enthusiast and mother of four, says, “We want to provide feedback from family perspectives so we’ve included a space for children to add their reviews too!    We’re also currently working on an option for people to book the tours directly from the site. We know convenience and value are huge helpers for family-vacation planning. We are going to network with vendors who truly work with family groups — not hyped by marketing but from real experiences from real families,” says Kim.

“Our vision is for Hawaii Family Life to become a go-to portal for traveling on Oahu and other islands of Hawaii,” says Kim. “Eventually we would like to find other families to partner up with so we can expand our areas of coverage. Plus, it’ll be a fun way for kids to become involved in a family project and travel together.”

For more information about Hawaii Family Life visit HawaiiFamilyLife.com.

About Hawaii Family Life
Hawaii Family Life offers down-to-earth, real-life experiences and suggestions for traveling in Hawaii as well as other travel destinations with your little and not-so-little ones. Learn more about Hawaii Family Life at hawaiifamilylife.com.

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