High Yield Growing System, Developed by Convergent Technologies and Turf Feeding Systems, Will Double Crop Production, while Reducing Costs


LOCATION HOUSTON TX – 12-22-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — Convergent Technologies, a UK company, has teamed with Turf Feeding Systems a Texas company, to combine new innovations with existing technologies to create a new High Yield Growing System to double crop production and reduce production costs. Uniquely, this system can increase crop production for green house growing or row crop field growing for any irrigated crop.

Mark Beaumont, the president of Convergent Technologies states, “I have been in the agriculture business for over 30 years and there are new innovations that can help and improve agriculture; however everyone is secretive, private and not really interested in helping farmers improve crop production and certainly not interested in reducing costs. Our goal is to change that with our High Yield Growing Systems.”

Mark Beaumont was founding partner of The Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture – GFIA http://innovationsinagriculture.com/ , an agriculture forum in Abu Dhabi that showcases new and innovative technologies in agriculture for the last five years and now is with forums worldwide.

Beaumont continues, “I been on the leading edge of new agro ideas and have seen all the new innovations for agriculture for the last five years worldwide. There are many great breakthroughs, but sadly they go in wrong directions. They are either managed by scientist who still want to do research and don’t want to take their technology to market or, they are driven by corporations who are chasing the money with layers of distributors and sales organizations driving up the cost. No one understands the true needs of the farmers to reduce costs and improve crop production. But, we do understand the needs of the rural farmer and we are about to change that with my partnership with Turf Feeding Systems and our HYGS.”

Turf Feeding Systems is a Texas company that is a leader in fertigation systems worldwide. www.turffeeding.com. Fertigation systems inject fertilizer into irrigation to make the irrigation nutrient rich for the plants and soil.

Michael Chaplinsky, president of Turf Feeding Systems, states, “I met Mark Beaumont over five years ago at GFIA in Abu Dhabi and we became friends through the years discussing the problems the farmers face and how everyone is throwing money at the problems. I told him agriculture really has not changed in the last 30 years; it’s only gotten more expensive to farm.”

“We continued to talk and in the last two years we have combined our ideas and technologies and created the HYGS (High Yield Growing System). HYGS is not a product, but a growing system that combines new innovation with existing proven techniques and technologies to increase production and
reduce costs”, says Chaplinsky.

“HYGS is unique because it combines a number of technologies and practices together for the first time to build the plant and soil health together to produce the optimum growing environment for the plant to grow in. How is this done? We treat and structure the water with nutrients, enzymes and probiotic biology to produce a nutrient rich pathogen-free growing environment for the plant. This eliminates stress from chemicals and pesticides and enables the plant to grow healthy, fast and productive.” Chaplinsky continues.

“Our team of scientists, agronomists, engineers and practitioners are leaders in their fields with each over 25 years of experience. Our first project starting soon is the Monarca Growing Center https://prdistribution.com/news/turf-feeding-systems-will-grow-food-the-economy-and-humanity-in-yucatan-mexico in the Yucatan region of Mexico. It will be a 200 hectare growing center of hydroponic and green houses and row crops growing organic peppers and other high value produce.”

Chaplinsky concludes.

Mark Beaumont summarizes, “The Monarca Growing Center will be a great business model for HYGS and Mexico is seriously looking for better agriculture methods. But, our HYGS is also focused on improving humanity and the economy of the rural famers by viewing workers as team members who we will educate and motivate. It will be focused on growing the best organic food as well as growing the economy and livelihood of the local people in the Yucatan of Mexico.”


Mark Beaumont: Managing Director Convergent Global Ltd. / Consultant for GIFA Middle East, Europe, Australia, Africa

Mr. Beaumont’s background has been agriculture growing up in the agriculture world on his family’s large farm in South Africa and after the university being in marketing sales and trade exhibitions throughout Eurasia and the Middle East.

Mr. Beaumont was one of the founding partners of the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture in Abu Dhabi. It is the world’s leading exhibition showcasing new innovations and technologies for agriculture and food production since 2014. The GFIA has expanded into Europe, Australia and Africa. He has left the management of the GFIA, but continues consulting for the entire network of forums.

Mr. Beaumont consults for companies, growers and governments who want to integrate new products and technologies into food production or their economy. He does that through Convergent Global Ltd. His consulting company.

Contact: Mark Beaumont [email protected] 

UK office: +44 (0) 2380 970 966

UK mobile: +44 (0) 7481 900 008

SKYPE: mjbeaumont

Michael Chaplinsky – President/Founder of Turf Feeding Systems, Inc., a Texas company manufacturing fertigation systems for landscape, sports, golf and agriculture worldwide for 35 years. www.turffeeding.com 

Mr.Chaplinsky is an expert and consults in fertigation, irrigation, soils and water quality. He speaks worldwide at conferences on agriculture, water quality, soils and humanity.

He has worked on projects worldwide. He worked with scientists in the Tamil Nadu region of India in 2005 helping restore rice farm soil contaminated be sea water from the tsunami. He is an expert in soil remediation of damaged soils.

His goal and passion is to implement his technologies into rural family farms to double crop production, while reducing costs. He states, “Rural family farms make up 80% of world food production and we can make a difference one farm at a time.”


NEW ADDRESS – 19915 Morton Rd.

Suite 200 – Katy, Texas 77449 – USA


Fertigation Systems Worldwide

Contact: Michael Chaplinsky [email protected] 

Texas Office: +1 832 321 3311

Texas mobile: +1 713 504 0750

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