MONTRéAL, QC, CA – 11-11-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — Andrew Kapur’s new book, “Smart Guide to Stop Using Stupid Words!: 30-Minute Ride to a Successful, Peaceful Mind” has just been released. It is available in paperback, Kindle and audiobook formats. Readers will learn to unlock the power of their everyday words and reach new heights of personal growth in just 30 minutes. This book is intentionally brief to allow readers to get results quickly amidst busy schedules.

Written as an entertaining self-help guide, it provides the reader applicable knowledge about the process of thinking, the power of words used towards themselves and others, and how some people look to profit from our primitive, faulty-wired brain. It has the perfect balance of humor, wisdom and practical life-improving tools.

In this rapidly evolving and interconnected world, global movements such as anti-bullying and “Me Too” show a need to improve the distinct words individuals use to communicate their thoughts and opinions. The author demonstrates that the right words are valuable tools for reaching a common understanding, and to providing a compassionate approach to some very difficult problems. Kapur teaches that this process begins with working on peoples’ inner dialog.

Throughout the book, readers receive advice and tips on harnessing and improving their command of daily vocabulary. They will quickly discover that the proper use of language will create a consistently more successful and peaceful life.

Kapur is no stranger to words and their power, attributing much of his success to using a powerful affirmation list that he wrote himself. He is an accomplished musician, author, and aspiring speaker. His three-word personal mantra is gratitude, forgiveness, and love.

Regardless of the readers’ prior knowledge, they will come away with new ideas and tangible practices to improve their lives.

To order a copy of his book, please go to your local Amazon website.

“I wrote this book with the intention of helping people to live better lives and be more compassionate towards themselves and others. The goal is to introduce people to ideas and concepts that will lead them to appreciate their thoughts and use of language in a new way.” -Andrew Kapur

About Andrew Kapur

Andrew Kapur is the co-creator of the Billboard hit music producers “Made by Monkeys”. He has written songs that appear on television, movies and international radio. Inspired to help others reach their goals, he now focuses his time on writing books instead of composing songs. From his home city in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, he is currently working on his next book, “Note to Higher Self”, which invites readers to discover the relationship between music and spirituality in a way that will improve their lives.

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