Holiday Special: Biographies of Western Photographers – Expanded and Revised By Carl Mautz


NEVADA CITY, CA – 11-20-2018 ( — Book type: Cloth Hardbound Edition
Size: 11” x 8.5”
Pages: 772
Illustrated in Color
Details: Over 20,000 Thumbnail Biographies of photographers
Complete Bibliography, Glossary and Index
Historical Photographers’ Imprints
Information on Antique Photographs
Guide to Dating Early Photographs by Format and Mount Information
Published by Carl Mautz Publishing, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-887694-33-9
Library of Congress Control Number: 2026911523

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Holiday Special: $149.50
Holiday offer valid through December 31, 2018

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About  Biographies of Western Photographers – Expanded and Revised

Biographies of Western Photographers is an invaluable resource for the advanced photography historian and novice alike. A must for those who research, collect and appreciate historical photography.

This monumental work covers 20,000 plus photographers working in the U.S. states and Canadian provinces, plus itinerants who traveled throughout the areas. Carl Mautz has been compiling and collecting information and photographs since 1972 and is widely recognized in the field. His research has been augmented by works of many historical photography experts in regions included in this book.

Thorough and detailed, Biographies of Western Photographers is designed for ongoing research and easy reference. There is an alphabetical index by state, province or category of all photographers listed; a comprehensive bibliography; an essay on collecting imprints, plus identifying and categorizing information on photographs. Critical details are outlined on manuscript notes, stamps, logos and ethnicity. A dating guide and glossary by photo historian Jeremy Rowe are also included, making this an invaluable and comprehensive resource for those interested in historical photography.

Six little known, but historically important photographers, with essays on their life’s work are part of this expanded, illustrated edition of Biographies of Western Photographers. These photographers and essays are:

“James Presley Ball” by John W. Ravage
“Early Utah Photographer: Charles W. Carter” by Jennifer L. Lund
“Norman A. Forsyth” by Del Phillips
“Frank Hardesty” by Jim Crain
“Martin Mason Hazeltine” by Paul Hickman,Glenn Mason and Peter Palmquist
“Arizona Pioneer Photographer: George H. Rothrock” by Jeremy Rowe
“The Sutterly Brothers” by Dorothy King De Mare

This book is specially priced for the holidays…a great addition to the history, art or photography library:
Price: $175
Holiday Special: $149.50
Holiday offer valid through December 31, 2018

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Excerpt from Biographies of Western Photographers Introduction, by Jeremy Rowe:
“In Oregon, collector and researcher Carl Mautz created a thin soft cover publication called the Checklist of Western Photographers, It was a compilation of information about pioneer Western photographers gleaned from the imprints on the reverse of cartes—de—visites, stereographs, cabinet cards and other sources. No one, including Carl, knew that this little pamphlet would grow into an irreplaceable research tool, the 1997 edition, now titled Biographies of Western Photographers with over 600 pages of listings of information about pioneer western photographers, including the provinces of western Canada, Hawaii and Alaska…..It is my pleasure to write this brief introduction the latest edition of this amazing work. I haves watched it grow, mature and evolve, as my friend and collaborator Carl [Mautz] has poured his blood, sweat and and occasionally tears into creating this invaluable research tool.”—Jeremy Rowe, 2018

Excerpt from Biographies of Western Photographers Preface, by the author:
“The great researcher of western and women photographers, the late Peter Palmquist, once wrote: ‘Whereas it is nigh impossible for a single researcher to find and record all of the world’s past photographers, the job can be broken up into smaller bites, with each researcher contributing data from their region. The end result is a cooperative effort, like a completed jigsaw puzzle, provides….an understanding far beyond the same of its parts.’ Wise words and true, I find myself coming to the end of my part in forming this grand jigsaw puzzle, one which will continue to require an eternity of effort from the eccentric band of folks so inclined.” —Carl Mautz, 2018

In Praise of Western Photographers – Expanded and Revised
“I encourage you to periodically pull this wonderful book from your shelf and graze through the information provided, whether to help identify your own images, or to join others with remembering and living vicariously through the stories of these intrepid pioneer photographers who created the vast historical record of the growth and development of the West.” Jeremy Rowe, Photo–Historian

Author Biography
Carl Mautz is a native of Portland, Oregon where he was born in 1943. He graduated from the University of Oregon in 1965 with a B.S. in History and in 1969 with a J.D. in Law. Mautz began collecting old photographs in 1972 while practicing law.. He soon met legendary itinerant photo dealer Ken Appollo, who taught him to appreciate the imprints on photographs which provide information about each photographer. In 1975, Mautz met Robert O. Brown who had listed a number of photographers from imprints. This list was included in a box of photographs sold to Mautz and became the beginning of his 2018, 772 page edition of Biographies of Western Photographers – Expanded and Revised.

Mautz retired from law in 1995 and moved to Nevada City California.  He has published 25 books under the Carl Mautz Publishing imprint.

Carl Mautz has two grown children and three grandchildren. All reside on the West Coast.

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What people are saying about Biographies of Western Photographers – Expanded and Revised:

“This is an AMAZING BOOK!! It’s deeply researched, and beautiful! Thank you thank you for spending all those many years working on it.” Sandra Phillips, Curator Emerita SFMOMA

“Just wanted to let you know I received my copy of your book a week ago Saturday and am totally delighted with the results. It’s truly a masterpiece and oh what a treasure. I especially love all the images you’ve included especially the photographer’s with their camera. I’m inspired to continue working on my catalogue of Kansas photographers.” Frank Wood, photo collector and Kansas compiler

“I’ve more than got my money’s worth out of your earlier book. I consult it at least weekly.” Keith Brady, photo collector

“It is one of my key reference works and sits beside me on my desk.” Alan Griffiths, creator of “Luminous Lint”

“This reference comes highly recommended, a wonderful resource!!” John McWilliams, photograph dealer

“It’s an impressive and extensive compilation of Western photographers- it’s an essential reference for any photo-historian doing serious research. I recommend it highly.” Bill Schultz

“What a book ! Are you an honorary doctor yet? Very impressive.” Dan Lori, Swiss collector

“Great Book!” Paul Hertzmann, fine art photography dealer

“I received your book and love it. I look forward to using it as a reference in my treasure hunting.” Scott Zellerbach, antique picker

“Thanks Again! Great Reference Work! One of the Bibles of our Hobby!” Larry Jones, Photo Historian

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