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LOS ANGELES, CA – 01-08-2019 ( — When it comes to reaching out to the public, press release distribution is one of the most effective ways that businesses are using. The industry is filled with press release distribution companies who are not being able to provide a proper distribution. It is rather hard to find a company that can provide a satisfactory outcome and a high ROI(return on investment).


PRWeb is a press release distribution company that is providing distribution services since 1997, founded by a large corporation named Cision. Where some other companies in the industry are also offering help with press release writing, PRWeb solely focuses on distribution services.


Customers can choose from four different PRWeb distribution packages. PRWeb pricing for single distribution is between $99 to $389, depending on the chosen distribution plan. For urgent distribution, there is an additional $99 fee. The $389 Premium PRWeb distribution plan promises to make a press release “Go Viral”. However, they do not reveal any information about the the press releases are distributed. Making a news viral quite a hard task no matter how easily unimportant things are going viral these days.


In order to see how effective PRWeb distribution service, some recent PRWeb press releases were inspected through Google Search. The search results showed a disappointing amount of number which is less that 10 for every press release that was inspected. Here are some of the Google Search result screenshots: is a press release distribution company that is leading the industry and also helping customer with press release writing through the PRCopywriter service. They offer distribution services at an affordable price., The $69 Premium distribution plan is the cheapest plan. This plan distributes the press release to over 250 media outlets. Their  press release distribution network includes top-tier newswires such as ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, and Forbes. All of their distribution plans come with Google, Yahoo! And Bing inclusion. Google shows an extraordinary amount of media outlets that picks up their press releases upon a similar inspection that was done with PRWeb. Here are the screenshots:




It appears that PRWeb customers are paying a high price for only getting a placement on their News section and a few other websites, this is something that should not be profitable for any organization or business. For the best press release distribution and writing, is recommended by thousands of business who have had a wonderful experience. The following link is where their customer feedbacks can be found:

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