How Global Press Release Distribution Services Help a Small Business to Build a Strong Public Relations Network


LOS ANGELES, CA – 01-18-2019 ( — Press Release distribution is an effective way to share valuable information with a large variety of audience. The topic of the press release can be an announcement of a new product/service or a general update to keep the general public in the loop. Small businesses can utilize the benefits of press release distribution services and build up a strong public relations network within a few weeks or a month and get a solid ROI(return on investment)

In order to submit a press release, the first thing to do is the press release writing which must be written in a way that communicates the message effectively and keep the attention of the readers after grabbing it from the catchy headline. However, if the pr(press release) is about a product/service, it has to be made sure that it doesn’t sound like a sales article.

After the press release writing is done, its time to submit the press release to a pr distribution service provider that can distribute the press release to the targeted audience and is able to provide a maximum pick up rate. However, this task is a bit difficult as there are many scammers on the internet with a professional looking website that offer cheap pr distribution services. Only a few companies can provide a satisfactory exposure that small businesses need. is currently the industry-leading global press release distribution service provider that has built up its reputation by maintaining a 100% customer satisfaction rate. The Premium, Premium Pro and Premium Concierge are the pr distribution plans offered by Pricing for the cheapest Premium pr distribution plan is $69 that guarantees distribution to over 250 media outlets.

The Premium Pro is the most popular plan that offers guaranteed distribution to over 375 media outlets including top-tier newswires like FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC etc. The website placement, Google, Yahoo and Bing inclusion comes with all the pr distribution plans. The comprehensive distribution report gets emailed to the customer within 72 hours of the schedule. A screenshot showing the number of links that appear on Google for an average press release distributed by


The best choice for small businesses are the Monthly or Annual subscription packages that can save up thousands of dollars, depending on the pr distribution plan and the number of press releases each month. There is a pricing calculator on the website that can provide how much discount a customer is eligible for and the exact price estimation instantly. Here is the link to that page:

Customers also get help with press release writing through the PRCopywriter service and get distribution services at discounted rates. is able to provide the highest ROI compared to any to any other pr distribution service providers.

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