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LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – 07-08-2019 ( — Cleaning your appliances can be hard work so it’s understandable that many people like to skip it whenever they can. Forgetting to clean your household appliances is also a common issue that many people fall victim to. This again is an understandable issue because many of us take our appliances for granted. We don’t really think about them unless they break down, do we? But cleaning your household appliances will reap you many benefits and best of all it actually isn’t too hard of a job. Below we have used information from professionals including Repair Aid to lay out the best way to clean your household appliances. Stoves, microwaves, washing machines, dishwashers and more we’ll be looking at everything you need to know to get them clean. Dishwashers By their very design dishwashers collect dirt, don’t they? Of course, they wash it away but during their day to day operations they can collect a lot of dirt. Fungi, in particular, is a big issue for dishwashers and can result in your cutlery, pots, plates and more getting grimy and dirty.

To clean a dishwasher properly you should wipe down the seal with a weak bleach solution. Mix a little bleach with water and wipe down the seal, you should also clean the exterior of the dishwasher on a weekly basis as well. Cleaning the interior of the dishwasher is a little bit more complicated but not overly difficult. Replace the filter and place a cup of baking soda on the top shelf. This will absorb any odours in the dishwasher if you leave it overnight, in the morning place a small cup of vinegar at the base of the dishwasher and run it on a short hot cycle. Once that is done you will have a clean and tidy dishwasher. It is also recommended that you clean your dishwasher once a month.

Tumble Dryers Despite their sometimes intimidating size tumble dryers can be surprisingly easy to clean. Wiping down the front and sides with some general cleaning spray or hot water should be enough to get rid of general dirt and grime. Cleaning the interior drum can be achieved the same way but make sure you thoroughly wipe down the interior afterwards and only use a damp cloth to get it clean. If you have a newer dryer you might have a built-in germicidal cycle which is designed to help get rid of any germs in the dryer. Run this weekly and you will have a very clean machine. Stoves We are getting into messier territory now, stoves can become very dirty very quickly they are in close contact with all kinds of food after all aren’t they? It is also a job most people won’t want to do which means mess will just build up over time.

This can lead to a lot of germs and microbes building up and causing all kinds of nasty problems. Try to get into the habit of cleaning the stove often and use a general all-purpose kitchen cleaning spray and a soft cloth. You can also use the same materials to clean the front of the cooker as well, try to do this once a week. Cleaning inside the oven is a bigger job although thankfully you don’t have to do this as often. In most cases, you can clean your oven once every three months or so. Many modern ovens have self-cleaning capabilities just ensure any oven racks are removed first and follow your manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Microwaves Microwaves are another of those overly messy appliances although unlike ovens you won’t always notice the build-up. Research from Repair Aid advises that the first thing you should do when cleaning a microwave is tackle to the exterior of the appliance. Antibacterial wipes are good for this but a soft cloth and general kitchen cleaner can work as well. Pay particular attention to the door handle of the microwave, this can collect a lot of germs and bacteria very quickly. When it comes to cleaning the interior there is actually a lot of ways you can do it.

The simplest is to just use hot water with some washing up liquid and a cloth. But you can also use a special microwave cleaning solution or a variety of different home remedies. One popular way is to use sliced up lemon in a bowl of hot water, place it in the microwave for about 5 minutes and then use a soft cloth or sponge to wipe down the inside. We recommend that you clean your microwave once a week. Washing Machines Your washing machine can be a hive of dirt, grease, and bacteria. But thankfully cleaning it is relatively simple and straightforward. The best way to do it is to use a cup of bleach and run an empty cycle once a week. More modern washing machines might have a germicidal cycle you can use as well.

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