How to find National Days sorted by category (instead of just listed by date)


LYNCHBURG, VA – 02-06-2019 ( — Everyone loves to celebrate a National Day that centers around something you love or enjoy, whether it is a favorite food, activity or worthy cause. There are over 1,500 national days to enjoy, but not all of them will appeal to you. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to sort and find national days by category instead of wading through a mundane list of all national days sorted by date? There are some really cool national days that you never heard of, but it can be hard to learn about them if you can’t find them. Good news. Finally a company exists that sorts all National Days into categories on its updated website. The website also has powerful search tools that lets you hone in on national days that appeal to you and your interests. You may be surprised to find ones that you will fall in love with but never knew existed. 

National Day Archives, LLC, is a company that not only lists every national day, but also allows the public to register new national days. It also is the only website that organizes every national day by category so that you can readily find national days that interest you.Here is how it works. First, all 1,500 national days are grouped into 50 categories so that you only read through smaller lists of national days that interest you. In addition, the website ( also allows you to search the database by key term to find just a single day that you are looking for. It can be fun to explore what national days exist by only looking are days that are relevant to you. In addition, if there is not a national day within a category that you love, you can even create and register a new national day. You get credit for it and can invite the world to celebrate it with you. (Click here to register a new national day.)Browse the list at the end of this page to start planning on what category of national days you want to find fun or rewarding days to celebrate that interest you. Each of these categories listed below are in a drop down menu on the website. You select the category you want and you get a list that contains only those type of national days that excites you. You can click on links to learn more about each day, such as who created it, why it was created, and tips or suggestions for how to best celebrate that national day. Here is an example of how it works. If you go to the National Day Archives website there is a drop down menu at the top left of the page entitled “Category.” When you click on the down arrow, all 50 plus subcategories appear. You pick the one you want. If you selected “Dogs” you would get a list of the following national days for dogs:

There are a few points to understand about this list. First, you discover what days for dogs already exist so you can celebrate them. For instance, you can click on National Dog Day and discover who created it and how to celebrate it. Second, you also realize that there are not national days for every dog breed right now. That means you have a perfect opportunity to create and register a new national day for your favorite breed. You can find out how to register a new national day for your breed or other new days to celebrate your pooch at this link: follow the same process for viewing each of the 50 subcategories of national days to find perhaps a new favorite national day in the topic that most interests you. If you are feeling funky, check out fun or funny national days. If you are feeling like giving to a worthy cause, check out awareness of causes. Maybe you want to work on improving your health or making new friends. There’s a category for those too. List of Categories:

  • Amphibians/Frog 
  • Astrology/Astronomy
  • Awareness of Causes 
  • Birds
  • Brands
  • Business/Office
  • Careers
  • Cats
  • Celebrities
  • Christmas 
  • Christmas 
  • Companies
  • Countries
  • Dance/Dancing
  • Dogs
  • Drinks/Alcohol/Coffee
  • Education/School
  • Environment/Energy 
  • Ethnic Groups/Heritage
  • Family
  • Fashion/Clothing
  • Fish
  • Flowers/Trees/Plants
  • Food
  • Fraud/Whistleblowing
  • Friendship 
  • Fun/Funny
  • Games
  • Good Luck
  • Groups/Clubs
  • Health/Fitness
  • History
  • Hobbies
  • Home/Homebuilding
  • Insects/Spiders
  • Internet/Social Media
  • Inventions/Nostalgia 
  • Kindness/Encouragement
  • Mammals
  • Military
  • Musical Instruments
  • Pets
  • Pirates
  • Politics/Government
  • Reading/Writing 
  • Religion
  • Reptiles/Snakes/Turtles
  • Rocks/Minerals/Gems
  • Science Fiction
  • Science/Technology 
  • Sports
  • Travel/Leisure
  • Vehicles

Enjoy searching for new national days to enjoy using a list by categories instead of just lumped together by date. 

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