How To Still Get Your Brand Seen On Facebook In Spite of The Recent Algorithm Changes


AUSTIN, TX – 01-16-2018 (Press Release Jet) — We have all heard about the Facebook algorithm changes which are projected to stop a brand’s personal reach organically. And with these proposed changes, brands are rethinking their social media strategy more than ever before.

Lara Eastburn, Facebook Ad specialist ( and expert on Success Network’s hit reality TV show Fix My Brand With Ali Craig™ ( says that panic should not be ensuing. “The idea of paid reach shouldn’t shock any brand. Just like with ads on television or in a magazine, it is nothing new for a business to pay for exposure,” says Eastburn.

With the proposed changes, Facebook is focusing on engagement between audience and brand. Which is nothing new to great social media content anyway.

Eastburn says,“The structure of a great Facebook ad is not that different than what makes great content. Anything your brand puts online has to do the work of enticing your audiences to care about it – and you.”

So just create content that your audience wants and you will have a great ad as well as organic reach.

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