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HOLLYWOOD, FL – 12-29-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Skincare does not have to remain complicated. For most people spending a few minutes of their day on a skincare routine that uses a small variety of high quality and efficient products can make a huge difference. Infinite Beauty is an upscale boutique designed to offer comprehensive skin treatment solutions.

In addition to supplying top of the line skin care products, the company offers medical spa services. Infinite Beauty is the one-stop-shop for all your beauty and skin care products.

Infinite Beauty aims to help every customer find personalized skin care solutions. They achieve these solutions by utilizing the optimal combination of facial treatments and skin care products while providing refined, unique customer service.

As a luxury skin care firm, Infinite Beauty requires the capability to address a more extensive variety of customers. However, customers have various skin types and can react differently to different vital components and treatments.

Therefore, it is impossible to find one, genuinely effective therapy for all customers. It takes teamwork and the guidance of an Infinite Beauty team member to come up with the perfect solution. The goal is always to find the ideal answer and provide for each specific need of every potential customer.

Because of the uniqueness of each customer that comes to Infinite Beauty, the company offers many skin care services.

Offering Advance Technology Therapies

Advance Technology Therapy is a favorite among current clients of Infinite Beauty. There are different types of advanced skin care treatment that utilizes modern technology.

One of the more popular therapy options is the high-frequency treatment procedure. Infinite Beauty uses high-frequency machines that produce electrical currents necessary for skin rejuvenation. These currents become used to create an oxygenating, oscillating, and heating effect.

Customers who use the high-frequency treatment on their skin experience a variety of benefits. These benefits include toned, hydrated skin, and enhanced blood circulation. Also, application of high-frequency stimulates the renewal skin cells. It even warms tissues, which increases the effectiveness of skin care products.

Another great product Infinite Beauty offers their clients is the Ultra-Scrubber. This procedure combines two technologies into one, potent treatment. While one side exfoliates the skin, the other releases ultra-sonic waves to enhance skin care product penetration.

The procedure also pushes in moisture, which improves overall skin health. The Ultra-Scrubber effectively lifts dead skin cells without the friction or abrasion that may irritate various skin conditions. This procedure remains perfect for skin that’s sun damaged and suffers from pigmentation issues.

The marriage between two exquisite treatments leaves the client’s skin feeling fresh and vibrant.

State-Of-The-Art Perfectio Zero Gravity Machine

Finally, a recent addition to the advanced treatment options at Infinite Beauty is their Perfectio Zero Gravity Machine.

This machine rejuvenates skin appearance and structure using a red LED lighting and Topical Heating Care. LED facial technology delivers soft, precise dosages of energy into the skin to stimulate collagen production in the dermis. Perfectio erases signs of aging in the epidermis as well and probes to enhance blood circulation. Plus, it also helps deliver nutrients, and increase cellular growth in treated areas.

To further add credibility to this treatment, research completed by NASA found that LED aids the healing of human wounds, buns, and diabetic skin ulcers.

Other facial and anti-aging treatments include the improvement of hydration and elasticity of the skin. Whether a client is a teenager or an older person, there is an ideal procedure for each.

Not only does Infinite Beauty offer these advanced treatment methods, but they also have all the products to assist in skin care after these operations.

For more information about transforming your skin, head to Infinite Beauty’s website.

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