Introducing Brazil Bronze “Smooth Operator” Spray Tan Remover Loofah Soap


NEW YORK, NY – 11-21-2017 (Press Release Jet) —

Brazil Bronze Glow Bar today released a new spray tan remover, Smooth Operator Loofah Soap. Smooth Operator is great for removing your old spray tan and preparing your skin for a new one.  One side is a natural loofah sponge with a thin layer of glycerin soap around it. Seconds after applying to your skin the loofah is exposed and starts to get to work removing dead skin and the remainder of your old spray tan. The other side is a half inch of glycerin soap with a natural citrus scent to clean everything away. 

Smooth Operator Loofah Soap is the perfect way to prepare your skin for a spray tan. In addition to removing every trace of your old spray tan, the glycerin soap is super hydrating, so it leaves your skin silky smooth and ready for a fresh spray tan.  

Glycerin soap is one of the most moisturizing types of soap. Glycerin is a humectant, which means that it can attract moisture. Due to this quality, glycerin soap attracts moisture to your skin and keep it locked in.  Glycerin soaps are known to be very delicate on the skin and used by people who have sensitive skin. The loofah is tough enough to remove dead skin and your old tan but at the same time, smooth enough not to cause any irritation. A perfect combination. 

Brazil Bronze Smooth Operator Loofah Soap is 5oz/$15.00 and is available at

About Brazil Bronze Glow Bar

Brazil Bronze Glow Bar is a woman owned business founded in 2002. During this time, spray tanning was virtually unknown to many people. Brazil Bronze was one of the first companies to offer spray tanning and help to make spray tanning the successful business that it is today. 

Brazil Bronze is constantly reinventing the art of the spray tan, safety measures and quality of the Brazil Bronze Spray Tan line. Brazil Bronze created the sculpted tan, Cellulite Annihilator tan, Rejuva tan and Anti-Aging tan. 

Brazil Bronze is one of the most successful spray tan salons in the country and supply some of the most luxurious salons and spas globally with the highest quality solutions, take home products, equipment and spray tanning certification. 

In 2011, Brazil Bronze created the spray tan line Tansxl for Derek Saathoff of A-List NYC reality show. Creating the tanning line was part of Derek’s story line in season 2 working along side Brazil Bronze.   

In 2016 Brazil Bronze launched Brazil Bronze Anti-Aging Spray Tan mist with Kevin Harrington the Original shark from Shark Tank  and Mega Entrepreneur. 

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Company Name: Brazil Bronze Glow Bar
Full Name: Joy Romano
Phone: 917-541-1105
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