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United States, Texas, Amarillo – 08-01-2019 ( — After being in business together for over 20 years, Jeff Tormey and Ed McConnell have decided to change their name to be more fitting for this next era in their personal injury law firm.  

What was once known as “McConnell & Tormey” will now be “Tormey & McConnell.”  

With Jeff Tormey’s growing role in helping the company reach higher levels of success, it only seems right to give him the recognition in the form of a name change. He has proven himself to be an outstanding lawyer, winning numerous cases never failing to fight for his clients’ rights.  

Ed McConnell, who was the original founder of the firm, has dedicated his life to litigation since opening the doors of the firm. After taking on Jeff Tormey as a partner, not only has McConnell been able to share his passion for litigation, but they have also been able to expand the firm.  

Through their expansion, they are able to help more and more people, get the compensation they deserve.  

Although their name has changed, their exceptional service, and over 50 years of combined experience and commitment to others, will remain the same. Both Tormey & McConnell are just as devoted as ever to serving you and the community, by fighting for your legal rights. 

Why Choose Tormey & McConnell for Your Personal Injury Needs? 

Tormey & McConnell have been in business since 1998, receiving numerous achievements and awards for their outstanding performance. But what really makes them stand out as a personal injury law firm, is their passion and high standards they hold as a firm. Some of these standards and passions include: 1. Their Dedication to Helping People: Both Tormey & McConnell have dedicated not only their professions, but their lives to helping others in their community. Tormey is active in his local community, holding leadership positions in the Cub Scouts, the Amarillo Youth Choir, and more.

McConnell himself has taken roles to help his community by donating to safety shooting programs and being an avid volunteer for the National Rifle Association.  2. Are Passionate About The Law: Both Tormey & McConnell share a special love for law and have received special certifications for personal injury law and multiple Texas Bar certifications.  3. Believe in Hard Work: Tormey & McConnell, believe that hard work is an important character to have, especially when fighting for their clients’ rights. They work hard to do what it takes to ensure their clients receive the justice they deserve.  

Tormey & McConnell are truly passionate about helping innocent victims. For this reason, they make it their priority to provide high-quality legal representation. Their law firm is dedicated to those who have been wronged and injured due to the negligence of others, helping them to seek rightful compensation. 

Contact Tormey & McConnell Today 

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries due to another person’s negligent actions, Tormey & McConnell may be able to help. Their firm is built on experience and is able to provide strong legal representation to people in the Amarillo area.  

They know seeking legal compensation is not always easy and can often be confusing. But with their experience in all types of personal injury cases like auto accidents, workers’ compensation, and gun injuries, they can help you seek the compensation you deserve.  

Call the trusted Personal Injury Lawyers at Tormey & McConnell right now at (806) 355-2700, or fill out our free case review form.  

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