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United States – 09-12-2019 ( — Jerome Karam is a seasoned and reputable businessman from Friendswood, Texas. With roots in both Texas and Louisiana, Karam completed his undergraduate studies at LSU. He then earned his Juris Doctorate Degree at TSU and ventured into private personal injury law. His practice propelled Karam to new heights in the legal industry and earned him mass praise among clients and colleagues.

As a well-known attorney at law, Jerome Karam successfully represented a myriad of clients within only ten years. Karam then ventured into real-estate development which was always his passion and lifelong interest. For over two decades, he bought and sold millions of dollars of prime real estate throughout the Gulf Coast region. With his signature JMK5 Holdings formed in 2000, the company continues to innovate and invest in properties throughout Texas and Louisiana.Christened “Dr. Impossible” by Galveston County Mayor Jim Yarborough, there is no challenge or obstacle that Jerome Karam cannot overcome. Considered a real-estate tycoon, Karam has purchased and cultivated over a million square feet of property over the last five years. Similarly, he and his dedicated teams specialize in developing multi-use commercial properties throughout the region. This includes grocery stores which help the communities at large. Karam even purchased the old Mall of the Mainland and transformed it into an award-winning World Gym Facility in Texas. The development also features elegant Plaza Royal Executive suites and the country’s largest trampoline park.While real-estate developments remain Karam’s passion, he puts the same into his philanthropic and charitable endeavors. In fact, he has generously contributed to his home state of Louisiana in several capacities. Similarly, he has given to the Catholic Community in Galveston with several philanthropic projects. As a strong believer of community empowerment, Jerome Karam continues to be a beacon of excellence in the real-estate and philanthropic sectors.Karam is currently revamping a local YMCA building which will be up and running soon. This is part of many ongoing projects including six multi-unit properties in Lake Charles, Louisiana. As the owner of several luxury lofts in Galveston, Karam has also remodeled and renovated several abandoned retail facilities. He has done the same for over 12 apartment buildings which are now large, spacious condos. Jerome Karam has been able to achieve monumental success with hard work and determination. However, he remains firmly down to earth and never misses a chance to give back to the community. From redesigning public gyms and fitness centers to donating to the Galveston Historical Society, Karam remains a pillar in the business and charitable communities. As a native of Louisiana, Jerome Karam came from humble backgrounds. This has helped him work hard to achieve measurable results in business. Similarly, his personal experiences have helped him assist those in need across Texas and Louisiana.Karam repurposed the abandoned Falstaff Breweries in Galveston. This 100-year old structure was severely damaged during Hurricane Harvey and brought back to life by Jerome Karam. While the brewery will no longer produce beer, it will offer a range of multi-use facilities in The Oleander City. This includes cruise ship terminal parking, along with rooftop social events with amazing views of the Bay. The structure will also feature a climate-controlled garage with a luxury hotel and outdoor entertainment venues.Jerome Karam loves the challenge of taking on mega real-estate projects. In fact, his work is synonymous with contemporary designs that are trendy but evergreen at the same time. With an emphasis on making life easier for surrounding communities, Karam remains committed to excellence in everything he does. As a visionary in real-estate and other applications, there are more projects on the horizon for this renowned builder and investor.

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