Krona Therapeutics, Inc. Launches Innovative Natavi Brand Product Line


DEDHAM, MA – 01-25-2019 ( — Natavi offers unique nutritional supplements to meet the needs of women and babies from preconception through breastfeeding.

Krona Therapeutics, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the Natavi brand line of supplements under its Natavi Health division. The Natavi product line features superior quality nutritional supplements that are designed to support women and their babies during each stage of becoming a mother.

  • Natavi      Prima meets the RDA recommended nutritional intake of important nutrients      for women who are planning to become pregnant.
  • Natavi      PNV is formulated to meet the increasing needs for specific nutrients that      women require during pregnancy. 
  • Natavi      Lactant is designed for women who breastfeed to support the health of      the mother and assist in the production of nutritionally complete breast      milk.

Each Natavi brand product is curated to help provide the unique RDA requirements of nutrients during each stage of early motherhood.  Key nutrients are chosen to help prepare for conception, to maintain the mother’s health, to prevent birth defects, and to support optimal brain development of the baby. For example, the requirement for iodine increases when a woman becomes pregnant. Getting the correct level of iodine during this time is important because an iodine deficiency is a major cause of congenital hypothyroidism in babies. This serious condition can lead to stunted growth, physical deformities, and impaired neurological function, including a reduction in brain function. Natavi PNV provides the necessary RDA recommended levels of iodine during pregnancy, as well as DHA and EPA, folic acid, and a dozen more key minerals and vitamins. The iodine level in Natavi Lactant reflects another increase in the body’s need for this nutrient while breastfeeding to support the continuing development of the baby.  The soft gel capsules of the Natavi line of supplements are marine-based, and they are small and easy to swallow. A single serving is two capsules, so women have the flexibility to divide the recommended intake. They can take one capsule in the morning and one at night, which is a special benefit for pregnant women who may struggle with queasiness when taking large doses of vitamins. The supplements are manufactured in the United States from non-GMO ingredients of the highest quality, and they are free of lactose, sugars, and glucose. They are also Halal certified. “Krona is committed to improving outcomes when it comes to healthy mothers and babies.  We are proud to be the only company offering the unique, nutritional line of supplements, tailored to the specific and changing needs of women in different stages of early motherhood, to help ensure proper development of the baby and his or her brain,” says Angel Biaggi, President, Krona Therapeutics, Inc.
Krona Therapeutics, Inc. is devoted to their mission of bringing innovative solutions to women and the medical community that serves them. As a specialty pharmaceutical company, they retain a consulting board that includes pediatricians, ob-gyns, lactation specialists, and nutritionists. This team of experts gives the company unique and comprehensive insight into the health care needs of women. This information is vital in assisting Krona Therapeutics as they pursue their passion to create therapies that are affordable and vital in women’s health care. Their dedication to ongoing research and development reflects their desire to meet unmet therapeutic needs, to increase the value of existing therapies, and to offer new and innovative therapeutic products.For more information, please call Monika Misiuta at (781) 336-0122, ext. 104, email her at [email protected], or visit the website

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