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Vineland, New Jersey – 09-11-2019 ( — Four Nitrogen Blowdown Evaporator Models Available for Varying Lab Needs


Laboratory Supply Distributors has recently announced the availability of four nitrogen blow down laboratory evaporators from Porvair Sciences. There are two manually controlled models: the Minivap™ and Minivap Gemini™ The two computer automated offerings consist of the Ultravap™ Levante™ and the UltraVap™ Mistral™ . 



Nitrogen blow down evaporators are well suited for randomly accessed single plate chromatography, particularly with deep well microplates and small vials. Warm nitrogen enters the instrument and is heated before being blown down through a needle head into either the wells of a microplate or a vial. The gas replaces the latent heat of the solvent, which shifts the equilibrium towards more solvent evaporating.



The method works for solvent concentration or for complete evaporation. The process is quick, straightforward, and can be accomplished with one plate.


The easy-to-use Minivap™  is a single plate position, manually controlled evaporator. It allows for adjustments in gas flow, temperature and the position of the microplate or vial.



The Minivap™ Gemini™ is a two plate manual option, ideal for laboratories who have routine plates of solvents with roughly analagous evaporation rates. It has independent gas controls and temperature programming for each plate.



The UltraVap™ Levante™ and UltraVap™ Mistral™ leverage sophisticated software and laboratory advances to drive the evaporation process. The features include: specially designed spiral needle heads, a fan extract system, touch-screen control, and the ability to store commonly run programs. The software also allows for controlled variable evaporation ramps. Additionally, the Mistral™ is equipped with a plate shuttle that permits handling and program integration with liquid handling robots. Software drivers are available for most popular laboratory robotic systems.


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