Lampstand Content Creation Launches Light Works, the First Faith-Based, Customized Content Subscription Service for the Christian Business Community


Lampstand Content Creation's Light Works content subscription service is one of the easiest ways for Christian companies to get customized, faith-based, business content on a regular basis.

Atlanta, GA, December 25, 2017 — Lampstand Content Creation ( makes content marketing for Christian companies easy with its new Light Works content subscription service. Communication is at the heart of every company's marketing strategy, and content subscription programs offer businesses a steady supply of content that does not require single order placement. The Light Works service helps to ensure that Christian companies get promotional materials that reflect their faith as well as their industry expertise.

The Light Works' subscription model is simple. It features bundled content in the form of blog posts, optimized web articles and press releases. Blog post subscription packages include eight posts that are distributed twice weekly over the course of a month. Optimized web article and press release subscription packages come in packs of four. For each bundled pack, one piece of content gets released weekly over the course of a month. The Light Works subscription service must be renewed each month to continue receiving content, which gives Lampstand's customers the flexibility to postpone content development as needed or to cancel the service if they are not satisfied with it.

According to Lampstand's principal author Katrina Johnson, “understanding customer needs is the key to making this service a success, which is why we created a content strategy questionnaire to guide our work.” The subscription service questionnaire allows Lampstand and its clients to develop a roadmap for the type of content that is needed in each subscription bundle. Clients fill out the 10-question survey prior to placing their orders. Besides delivering biblically inspired business content, Light Works is distinctive because of its customization element. Clients only pay for content that aligns with their marketing goals.

About Lampstand Content Creation
Lampstand Content Creation was founded in December 2017 by a writer who just wanted to combine her meticulously developed copywriting craft with her passion for Biblical living. The company's natural customer for this type of content is the stalwart, 21st-century Christian business.

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