LapGuru Live-Streams First of Its Kind Surgery – Gender Reassignment


MUMBAI, INDIA – 11-15-2018 ( — Mumbai, India – On 29th October, 2018, LapGuru, the leading online platform for surgical training by Meditorch Technologies, provided its audience with a first of its kind, interactive live surgery broadcast of a Gender Reassignment Surgery, male to female. The surgery featured Single Stage Penile Flap Inversion Technique and was done under the aegis of USI (Urology Society of India). The surgery was conducted at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital (KDAH), Mumbai by eminent Urologist and surgeon Dr. Sanjay Pandey.

“Whether it is a simple surgery or something as complex and niche as a gender reassignment surgery, there is always an audience that benefits from the knowledge that is imparted during such workshops. We are pleased to work with senior surgeons like Dr. Pandey and leading hospitals like KDAH in supporting such initiatives” said Prashant Apte, CEO, Meditorch Technologies. LapGuru is one of the unique platforms that has been consistently improving the learning quotient for surgeons by making accessible surgical procedures from the simplest to the rarest of rare, he further added.

This type of surgery is one of the most complex and rare procedures in modern medicine. There are very few surgeons in the world who have specifically trained for this, Dr. Sanjay Pandey being one of them and is also a leading authority on the subject. By broadcasting this surgery live, LapGuru has established ‘Live Transmission’ as a valuable tool for medical education. Surgeons need to develop creative solutions to the problems that arise in the operating room through experience, but for the professional knowledge LapGuru is their ‘Go-to’ platform when it comes to accessing resources for learning current practices and surgical strategies.

“As a platform, LapGuru is uniquely positioned to offer surgeons the knowledge and experience they desire, in order to maintain the balance of surgical outcomes and patient benefits. We are continuously striving to bring the advantages of minimally invasive surgery to patients in any operating room, anytime, anywhere by educating and training surgeons on various procedures,” said Vishal Rane, Co-Founder, LapGuru.

LapGuru is committed to helping surgeons in improving patient care through qualitative and quantitative surgical data. It has a repertoire of more than 4200 surgeries from various disciplines and has more than 5000 Surgeons as members. Apart from live transmissions, members can also access medical events and conference recordings to stay informed and disseminate critical medical breakthroughs with each other.

About LapGuru

LapGuru is an online surgical video platform dedicated to creating a centralized source of laparoscopic surgery videos that are accessible to a wide audience, including students and doctors in different surgical disciplines. It allows users to learn new techniques for improving their surgical expertise as well as to communicate with the best in their field for knowledge and support.

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Meditorch Technologies is engaged in discovering new methods, technologies, and solutions that improve the patient outcomes in the healthcare industry. By leveraging its experience and strong technical expertise, Meditorch Technologies delivers quality solutions that exceed user’s expectations, thus winning their trust and forging lasting partnerships.

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