Las Vegas Man Suing Nevada Governor For Violating Civil Liberties


United States, Nevada, North Las Vegas – 05-05-2020 ( — An injunction and complaint has been filed in the 8th District Court in Las Vegas by Rodney Fife. Rodney Fife, a resident in North Las Vegas is suing Steve Sisolak, the Governor of Nevada,  in the Eighth District Court.  Rodney is taking this extraordinary step due to the multiple violations of his liberties from the Governor’s Emergency Directive. 

The case number is A-20-814156-C

Mr. Fife encourages those who would like to encourage those who support his position file an amicus curiae or friend of the court brief with the eighth district court.  Please use the associated case number. 

Here is an excerpt from the complaint: 

“The overreaching executive orders of the Defendant has violated basic constitutional rights of not only myself but all of the Citizens of Nevada. The defendant has violated the “right to assemble,” and  the “right to exercise religious expression.” Both rights are guaranteed by the 1st amendment of the United States Constitution.  In addition these rights are enshrined in the Constitution of the State of Nevada. “

“The Defendant does not have the authority to enact these draconian measures without legislative approval. The defendant has failed to present his measures to the legislator.”

“The results of the defendant’s actions have caused mass unemployment for the State.  Myself and thousands of others are unemployed by no fault of our own. The defendant has failed to provide speedy compensation for his actions.”

Mr. Fife has taken this step out of frustration for the failed leadership of Governor Sisolak.  Here are some direct quotes from Rodney Fife. 

“I have been unemployed for 8 weeks. I have yet to have a determination made on my claim. The Governor has created this mess not only for me but hundreds of thousands of Nevadans. I am unemployed due to no fault of my own. Also, the likelihood of me returning to full and gainful employment in the near future is bleak. 

The unemployment website and the inability to contact anyone at DETR has caused many to be frustrated. How are we supposed to pay rent and keep the lights on?  The Governor has truly failed all Nevadans.”

Rodney is raising funds via Facebook to fund this suit. If you would like to donate visit


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