Launching Floatbot – Omni-Channel Customer Engagement AI Chatbot Platform


December 24, 2017 – Within 15 Minutes any business can develop its chatbot. No coding knowledge is required to develop chatbot in floatbot.
Floatbot facilitates business owners with live chat feature as a fall back of chatbot. Along with live chat there are also many features available for customer engagement and support.

Features Include:
• DIY Chatbot with workflow and NLP support:
Floatbot gives you a simple and easy to use Dashboard with the help of which anyone can create a chatbot with required workflows and NLP support.
• Switch to live chat – Chat directly to your customers
On Fallback of the chatbot customers need not to wait for responses. Live chat feature enables any business to have a live chat with their customers.
• Customer engagement
Using Floatbot a business can implement various customer engagement updates such as broadcasts, polls, surveys, videos, images and much more.
• E-Commerce over chat
Any online E-Commerce store can manage its store using a chatbot created In Floatbot. Business can have direct communication in need.
• iBeacon support
It also supports iBeacon, which helps business to engage customers using Beacons.
• Omni-channel
Chatbots developed in Floatbot are truly omni-channel, can be used in website, mobile app, messenger and more.
• Multiple platform Integration.
Various platforms are available for chatbot integration in Floatbot.
• Agent communication and collaboration.
Not only Customer communication, but internal agents can also communicate with each other with the help of Floatbot.
• Integration with custom AI Engine.
Floatbot supports integration with various AI engines, it is not mandatory to set AI rules inside Floatbot.


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