Launching: Sceneit – The travel site for film and tv fans!


London, United Kingdom – 03-12-2019 ( — Sceneit, the travel site for film and tv fans is now officially live!

Sceneit, a London based startup, is the first and only online marketplace for global film and tv location tours. ‘The Airbnb’ of Film and TV tours and is where global film tour operators and providers can create an experiential tour or trip based on their local film or Television Series and connect with fans of the most popular franchises in Film & TV.There are hundreds of thousands of filming locations around the world with thousands of local tour providers offering unforgettable experiences. However searching, comparing and booking the right tour is more than frustrating and time consuming. Sceneit simplifies the process of creating the dream holiday experience and connects travellers with talented and committed local Tour Operators that bring them straight into a world previously only available on screen.The inspiration behind Sceneit started with a five weeks customised trip through New Zealand’s “Lord of the Rings” filming locations in 2013. However it took months to find the right base trip to customise, the right extra tours to add, the places to stay, the routes to follow, the locations to visit and to book everything.Philip Nitz-Bauer – CEO and Co-Founder says:
“Our vision is to inspire people, help them plan, book and visit unique places all over the world. It is about fulfilling the dream of standing in the same locations as the characters, as the the stars themselves.
Unlike those that play the Game of Thrones, here there are only winners! We are on a never endingquest to have all filming locations, tours, trips, and providers united on one platform so that every explorer can make fantasy a reality. We bring mainstream comfort to a segregated market, getting fans to exactly the place they want to visit.”Visit now to get the adventure started!Get in touch on Instagram or Facebook at @mysceneit or contact us on [email protected] out more about Sceneit or watch our explainer video on .

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