Leading the New 3C Trend, KDX Initiates the Global SR Alliance


LAS VEGAS, Jan. 14, 2018 — On the afternoon of January 10, 2018, the second day of CES, KDX, a global 3D perception and interaction technology leader, launches SR technology, and together with over 40 global noted 3D ecology firms holds the launch ceremony of SR Alliance, aiming at establishing the SR Alliance (SRA) and promoting innovation in the global consumer electronics industry. Mr. Zhong Yu, Chairman of KDX Group, Ms. Xu Shu, CEO of KDX Group, Mr. Zhang Biao, President of KDX 3D Business Group, and Mr. Ren Zhongwei, President of KDXC, jointly with copartner leaders, media and enterprise representatives, attend the SRA Launch Ceremony.

Group Photo of SR Alliance
Group Photo of SR Alliance
KDX's CEO Ms. Xu Shu Makes a Speech
KDX's CEO Ms. Xu Shu Makes a Speech
Group Photo of SR AllianceKDX's CEO Ms. Xu Shu Makes a Speech

The representatives of KDX's copartners and industry bodies, like global 3D display technology originator Phillips, global 3D sound effect leader AURO TECHNOLOGY, ultrasonic touch sensitivity leader Ultrahaptics, global online retailer leader JD, famous information and wireless communication firm Arima, Shenzhen Electronics Industry Association, world-leading AR product and service provider Hiscene, present and make speeches at the ceremony. The representatives of firms and units including Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, TCL, ZTE, Haier, Hisense, Acer, BOE, Qualcomm, Konka, Skyworth, China Resources, China Telecom, AOC, Acer, Asus, Bullitt, Audix, Clevo, Cube, Huajie Chuangshi, Leyard, Newtree, Positivo, CyberTech, Simcom, Smartisan, China-Webnet, Sprocomm, TINNO, Tecno, Vestel, Yota and ZSpace witness the establishment of SR Alliance.

As the global 3D perception and interaction technology leader, KDX acts as a SR technology initiator and strives to be a pusher of the SR industry. Having a disruptive influence, SR spans multiple links like technology, product, application and content, so it needs integration of the global top resources and joint development of leading firms. In this respect, KDX, jointly with its global copartners builds the SR Alliance and establishes the industry platform for SR development and application. The establishment of SR Alliance drives global top terminal manufacturers, software providers, solution providers, distributors, content providers and other firms to cooperate with a view to making top strategic planning and design, co-building the SR innovation platform for resources integration and information sharing in the 3D+ strategy, accelerating SR industrialization, and extending trillion-scale market.

Zhang Biao, President of 3D Business Group, KDX , presides the launch conference, and jointly with Maarten Tobias, CEO of Dimenco, shares the information, like “what is SR?”, “what value lies in SR?” and outlooks the five future development stages of SR technology. Zhang points out that Simulated Reality (SR) is interfusion of multiple technologies like glasses-free 3D display technology, perception technology, man-machine interaction and artificial intelligence, presents the “materialized” experience featured in virtuality-reality combination, spans virtuality and reality, and makes medium-free interfusion between virtual digital world and real physical world. SR is orientated to experience sharing rather than information sharing. It is interaction with a vivid environment created. Speaking of the evolution route of SR, Zhang highlights: SR would evolve in the five stages of immersed display, virtual windows, artificial intelligence, go-beyond display and fully simulated reality, and create a brilliant vision of virtuality-reality combination.

“3D technology has been developed and upgraded generation by generation by famous firms like Phillips, Sony and 3M for over 100 years. Now glasses-free 3D technology becomes matured and comes to commercialization. Black technologies like VR, AR and MR promotes the 3D presentation of images and videos. Urge demands in work and life rise with respect to actual and free 3D experience.

Originating from KDX's “3D+” strategy, the SR technology launched now integrates frontier technologies like deep perception, sense organ perception and space interaction and creates bran-new medium-free 3D MR experience. Oriented at the base point, i.e. deep development of game, video and other visual content with 3D glasses / helmet, KDX will cooperate with copartners in technology, content, terminal and market fields to jointly promote SR development and 3D industry rise. We hope more partners joint SR Alliance to create better future,” says Ms. Xu Shu, KDX Group CEO.

At the Launch Ceremony, KDX SR technology has achieved high evaluation and strong support from global technical partners and front-line manufacturers, who consistently hold consistent favorable expectation upon KDX's SR technology, sufficiently affirm the status of KDX as a global SR innovation leader, consider this will bring the global consumer electronics industry overwhelming innovation and in succession express that they will actively conduct technological cooperation with KDX in the field of SR to jointly promote the development of SR industry.

Alexander, General Manager of IP Department of Philips, holds that KDX and Philips enjoy high correspondence in concept and direction, and expresses, “At this year's CES, I have witnessed many VR and AR products, but KDX products not only enable users to feel 3D effect, but also provide the experience of true interaction and feeling of being personally on the scene. Philips considers that this is the most important experience and holds favorable expectation upon this direction. Currently, in Philips, we also promote combination of real and virtual, free interactive experience. We are happy to be able to be a member of SR Alliance led by KDX.”

Wilfred, the Chairman of AURO TECHNOLOGY, a global 3D sound leader, also offers sufficient affirmation upon KDX SR technology and expresses strong will for operation, hoping 3D sound to be able to promote the rapid development of SR, “Several months ago, during my visit to Dutch R&D Center of KDX, I witnessed SR technology, and hoped that our world-leading audio technology will be able to be combined with SR to be a part of SR technology. In future, we will conduct close cooperation with KDX to jointly promote SR development.”

At present, ultrasonic touch system has been applied in some scenarios. According to Robin Alter, the Vice President of Strategic Relationship Department of Ultrahaptics, an ultrasonic touch sensitivity technology leader, SR technology will form a greater stage for ultrasonic touch, virtual touch is just the more natural man-machine interaction experience mode; in future, we will make joint efforts with KDX to promote the development of SR hand in hand.

Su Xianglong, General Manager of 3C Innovation Business Department of JD, a Chinese E-commerce giant, holds a quite favorable expectation upon the development prospect of SR: “On May 18 last year, JD has signed a global strategic cooperation agreement with KDX: in future, we will promote this technology together, as well as bring more black technology and more direct and wonderful product service to the consumers.”

Zhuang Dongru, the Deputy General Manager of Arima, holds that SR technology gets rid of the restrictions such as helmet and glasses, extremely facilitating the development of 3D, and expresses, “I have always been imagining how the future human beings will look at our current technology? We need wear helmets or glasses to do something? This obviously does not work, so the SR technology of KDX is just the future direction.”

Long Hong, the Standing Deputy President of Shenzhen Electronic Industry Association, attends CES for the 8th time, and expresses that KDX's SR technology shines in my eyes this time, “KDX is a globally noted enterprise and our German partner has told me to visit KDX. This time the SR technology launched by KDX brings brand-new stereoscopic sensory organ experiences and in future will undoubtedly enjoy extensive development space. “

Liao Chunyuan, Chairman of Hiscene, a leader in AR content holds that SR represents future development trend and both parties enjoy huge potential for cooperation, and expresses, “The technology and content of Hiscene enjoys quite favorable junction point with KDX's SR technology as well as huge development space, so in future we will enlarge cooperation and develop mutually.”

At the end of Launch Ceremony, all the alliance enterprise and manufacturer representatives jointly cheer to celebrate the establishment of SR Alliance, which will exert the technological advantages of KDX in such fields as 3D ecology and technological industry platform, optics, software, gesture recognition, 3D modeling, space interaction and deep perception, construct SR open innovative platform of resource integration and information sharing under its 3D+ strategy, and forge full-terminal and full-scene abundant application to strive for the ultimate goal.

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