Lessons From The Life And Works Of Jerome Karam


– 06-14-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — Jerome Karam is a renowned real estate developer in Texas and southwestern Louisiana. Over the years, he has risen from a graduate Juris doctor to one of the most relevant real estate developers.  He has managed to not only stir development in these areas but also created many jobs and contributed to their improvement of living standards.

Education and career backgroundJerome Karam is a graduate of Texas southern university, having graduated as a Juris Doctor. Jerome kicked off with the establishment of a Juris law practice firm through which he managed to serve more than 1000 clients over ten years. He then decided to move into real estate in the chase for his real estate development dream.  Venturing in this industry opened him up to his true calling, where he has managed to buy and profitable sell several properties.With the creation of JMK5 HOLDINGS, Jerome has set up 12 entities with current holdings located in Louisiana and Texas. Karam has become a popular and influential figure in Galveston County, being attached to multiple huge projects in the real estate sector. He is known for tackling that which seems impossible to present a solution. Through JMK5, Jerome Karam has been seen to go over huge problems and to turn them into desirable and efficient projects.Achievements of Jerome Karam and Jerome Karam FriendswoodJerome has almost met no stranger in Louisiana and Texas as his practice and achievements are far and wide felt in these areas. He is accredited to have completed the following megaprojects, most of which seemed impossible for many.• Karam turned the largest mall mainland mall and turned it into a world-class gym, luxurious plaza royal executive suites, and the nation’s largest trampoline park.• He has also ventured into law practice with several offices across Texas and Louisiana.• Through JMK5, the Falstaff brewery is lowering to life thanks to Jerome and his entities. This idea has proved highly successful in changing the economic structure and strength of this region.• With the help of JMK5 Holdings, Karam is restructuring and developing several upscale communities, among them the Galveston bay club, Bayou Bend Estates, and the Dickinson.• He also owns several lofts located in historic downtown Lake Charles and other six locations, which have world-class standards and some receiving awards by the rehabilitation project of 2018 presented by the Galveston historical foundation.Jerome also has interests in the church and helping the society, which is seen in his philanthropic interests in Louisiana, his home state, and all over Galveston County. Jerome is a significant figure to emulate when it comes to the following of a passion and achieving a goal. Although he started as a Juris doctor, it is evident that he felt it better to pursue his passion for real estate even after long years of practice.The onset of his real estate development career helped to bring him more achievements and career, as can be seen in the numerous projects he has achieved. Jerome is known as a person who takes the impossible and uses all his abilities with the help of Jerome Karam Friendswood to turn simple structures such as grocery markets into a mega and vibrant business structure, stirring growth and development. His search for success has not only benefited him and his family but also has helped many people in Galveston County. Karam is an example of real success and following a dream to overcome the hardest things in life. He is also a selfless person, as it is clear that his projects end up serving the broader community through employment creation and improvement of their livelihoods. From Jerome Karam, anyone can see that passion has no time or limit. He ventured into real estate after ten years doing something very different, Juris doctor practice. However, with a short span, he has managed to create what many would have thought was impossible through passion.

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