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United States – 07-19-2019 ( — Customers who have extended protection through Liberty Auto Protection now have more options than ever before to get a repair done. The company recently announced that they have new deals with several national accounts, making it extremely easy for anyone to get the help they need.

One of the most difficult things for any consumer when it comes to a vehicle issue is that it becomes hard to find the right repair shop. To qualify for certain types of coverage, a car at times is eligible for certain locations only.Liberty Auto Protection commercial has always stressed being extremely upfront with their customers at all times. They have laid out new guidelines for people to understand what they should do when a repair is needed.Getting a vehicle repairedAfter being involved in an accident, break down or anything else that results in a vehicle needing a repair, one of the first steps involves finding a solution.Liberty Auto Protection continues to recommend going to the dealership as the first option. Most people live nearby where they purchased the vehicle in the first place, so no one is going to know the vehicle more than them. They are likely going to have licensed technicians who know exactly what to focus on, and they can get people back in their car in no time.If that is simply not available, the new partnership with national accounts is going to make a big difference. Some of the national accounts include Pep Boys, Firestone, AAMCO and All Tune & Lube. These are all nationally known companies, and even smaller cities have a location nearby. There is even a Liberty Auto Protection commercial set to debut featuring these companies.Finally, the third and final option is to go to any licensed repair facility in the area. There is usually a need for a little bit more paperwork, but everything is fairly straightforward. It’s a bit of a hassle for some consumers, which is why the company focused so much on adding national accounts as partners.Noticing the differenceOne of the biggest fears for a lot of consumers is dealing with a car repair shop that is not completely honest. Since some people have limited knowledge on vehicles, there are repair shops out there trying to get as much as they can out of individuals and auto protection companies.With the new partnerships with national accounts, Liberty Auto Protection is trying to present the clients and their own company. No company wants the ripped off feeling, and it is just bad practice to be working with less than trustworthy companies.Any dealership focuses on trust, because they know their reputation depends on it. To sell new and gently used cars, they can’t afford to have a reputation as a rip off company.All national accounts were very closely examined before the selection process. Pep Boys and Firestone, perhaps the two biggest names that our national accounts, have a great reputation for honesty and straightforwardness with those in need of repairs. Working with them has helped out quite a bit to say the least.Compensation for repairsBy working with dealers and national accounts, compensation for repairs is very easy for every individual to get. It’s just a matter of making a few calls and filling out some paperwork. Most people come away shocked by how straightforward everything is.Don’t overthink the need of getting a repair. When something needs fixing, there are local solutions for anyone in the United States. For more information, visit the company’s website, or follow the Liberty Auto Protection address in Ocean, New Jersey.

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