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– 06-18-2020 ( — When it comes to extended warranty services, Liberty Auto Protection is certainly one of the top brands providing some of the most robust, versatile, and affordable warranty plans in the industry. Having been in the industry for many years helping thousands of Americans access quality coverage plans, Liberty Auto Protection is properly equipped to offer. From basic auto protection plans to comprehensive, Liberty Auto Protection warranty plans are designed with the users in mind. 

No matter the type of vehicle you own, driving behavior, or budget, the company has a variety of plans that will meet your respective needs as and when you need it. The company understands that while owning a car is an added advantage, it is equally demanding and stressful, especially when it comes to meeting unexpected repairs and inconveniences that come with breakdowns. Fortunately, Liberty has designed its premium quality customer-centric services that cover a wide range of clients. With the right package with you, Liberty auto protection takes away every stress that comes with owning and maintaining a car. Although other competitor companies have more or less similar added benefits to auto protection plans, Liberty Bell’s benefits come with higher limits compared to its peers in the market.For instance, the rental car reimbursement is way above the industry average of $150 in which it offers $35 per every working day an offer that goes up to $210. In addition, its battery boost or jumpstart allowance has been increased considerably to $40 compared to the industry average of $30. But perhaps the other additional benefit that makes Liberty Auto protection to rank high is the fact that its warranty is transferable up to two times per every purchaser of the contract. This benefit does not attract any fees for the transfer of warranty. Compared to other extended car warranty companies whose transfers are limited and in most cases attract fees qualifies Liberty Auto Protection Plans the most sought after in the market today. Perhaps the only limitation of this transfer is that the owner of a private passenger warranty cannot transfer the warranty to commercial vehicles and that the receiver cannot exercise rights over it until the contract term ends. A rarity in the industry, Liberty Auto Protection offers owners of commercial vehicles a unique coverage in their popular standard warranty plan for a one-time fee provided the vehicle in question qualifies under its requirement. This has made Liberty contracts to be so popular among commercial vehicle owners looking for affordable plans yet which can offer the kind of protection they need. Whether they are route sales, inspection, vehicle examinations, repairs, Liberty protection got you covered with its range of plans under one roof.But Why Does Liberty Auto Protection Stand Out from The Rest?While tens of companies out there provide extended service plans to car dealerships, commercial and private vehicle owners, Liberty Protection has carved for itself a unique space in the industry through their custom-made coverage plans that come with affordable prices and superior customer service. What’s more, the plans come with other added benefits, including roadside assistance, car rentals nationwide coverage, free transferability of warranty not to mention the unique option that allows car owners to make unlimited claims. With its user-friendly website that allows customers to obtain free and timely quotes, Liberty auto protection is certainly a unique company. Clients and potential holders of coverage can reach out to its competent staff for help by calling their toll free Liberty Auto Protection phone number 800-599-9557. This means you can access information about auto protection at any time without having to pay for it. If you are considering getting an extended service plan for your car or car dealership, Liberty’s professional team of insurance experts are more than willing and ready to discuss your specific needs and recommend the most appropriate service plan that suits your protection needs and budget.When it is the right time to invest in an extended warranty plan, Liberty Auto Protection is here to get you covered. With its diverse portfolio of plans, affordable rates, and premium customer service, clients can enjoy the protection and have peace of mind knowing their fleet is covered against common yet costly repairs. You can choose from its range of services that include Select, Powertrain, Enhanced Powertrain, and Engine coverage plans depending on your individual needs. For assistance and information regarding extended auto protection coverage, visit their website or call their telephone number 800-599-9557, which is absolutely free of charge.

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