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UNITED STATES – 06-16-2020 ( — LifeSavingFormulas, a leading Florida-based supplement supplier, has created a new website to enable customers easy access to their award-winning portfolio of doctor-formulated supplements.

Their staff have more than 30 years of experience, while their highly experienced support team is comprised of knowledgeable Registered Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, and product specialists. The new website covers a wide range of formulated supplements including Digestacure AUTOIMMUNE-X, a completely natural supplement that exhibits no side-effects, no contraindications or reactions with any medication. It is also safe for pregnant and nursing mothers, infants and adults of all ages.With an estimated 50 million Americans currently suffering from autoimmune conditions,Digestacure AUTOIMMUNE-X is ideal as it featuresAcemannan, an acetylated mannan with antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. It is animmunomodulator, which means that it can cause the activation of antibodies, which are the first line of defence against viruses and bacteria.Acemannan-M.D. contains the highest concentration of ßeta-(1, 4)-linked acetylated mannan immunomodulators (Acemannan) content compared to any other substance available.Among its popular portfolio, LifeSavingFormulas also offers APMC-M.D. a food-grade powder, mixable in foods, shakes, and beverages that provides neurological support without side effects and adverse reactions to medications.APMC-M.D, which has been highlighted in a study in The Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, can aid against neurological issues, such as memory loss, ‘brain-fog’, depression, sleep disorders and fatigue.Having been doctor-formulated, patient-tested and scientifically demonstrated,APMC-M.D is also ideal to take with your vitamin and mineral supplements, and it also functions synergistically with any food or supplement.This product is classified as a food material and offers comprehensive cell nutrition for sustenance. It is a mixture of specific food extracts and nutrients designed to support the normal biochemistry of life.LifeSavingFormulas also offers Acemannan Derm, the world’s most potent regenerative, healing and anti-ageing cream. Acemannan is the active ingredient hospitals have found most effective in healing serious skin issues and trauma.Acemannan is a scientifically demonstrated molecular structure which speeds healing and aids in the regeneration of tissues without “changing” the underlying structure of the skin, cells, organs, or tissues.* Now, LifeSavingFormulas is offering an Acemannan-richcream for anti-ageing, beauty, and healing, which is ten times greater than the Acemannan potency found in the hospital’s miracle trauma cream and has an estimated 30 times regenerative potency than comparable cosmetics.The dermatologically-tested product is naturally derived from plant-based ingredients and is suitable for all skin types.For more information about their portfolio or a free consultation call: 1-888-398-8580, or view their website:

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