Linda C. Jackson – House Fire


BIRMINGHAM, AL – 11-17-2018 ( — My name is Trina Houseton.  My best childhood friend, Linda Chaney-Jackson, had a house fire on Wednesday, March 21, 2018.  She and her husband do not have children of their own, but they take care of relative’s children because the parents are unable to do so.  On Wednesday morning, Linda and the children left home to visit another relative.  When she returned home, she saw the house on fire.  The event appears to be caused by an electrical fire.  

When I heard about the news, I immediately called her.  After Linda told me what happened, she began to cry.  I tried to console her by telling her that things will be OK because she has people who are willing to help and pray for her.  I guess after she thought about everything that happened, the conversation overwhelmed her, and she asked if we could talk later.  Before ending the call, Linda did mention the family was staying in a hotel until they decide on their next move.

Fast forward, the family has moved from the hotel and found a house to rent.  However, they are still in need of financial assistance.  I am asking you to donate whatever you can to help her and her family.  Whether it is $1 or $10, it will be greatly appreciated. You have the option to remain anonymous.  I started things off with $50.  Also at the time of this disaster, Linda had no idea I planned to start a GoFundMe campaign for her.

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