Logic Inbound Released A New Report on Senior Living Consumer Trends

Google Trends tracks popular searches and looks at the frequency of repeated phrases over the years. It is possible to compile a comprehensive interest report by inputting the desired phrase into Google. The following information details a conclusive analysis of searches for “senior living” in 2017.

Interest in “senior living” as a worldwide search term remained consistent. Google search results maintain that the rate of interest fluctuated very little. Over the length of one year, the range of searches for “senior living” was a value of 26. The exact number of searches for “senior living” rose and fell minimally, with an average rate of 93. Senior living communities, like Willamette Oaks, Bellewood, and The Willows, were searched for with great interest in 2017.

Figure 1. Image taken from Google Trends, showing frequency of searches for “senior living” on Google over the past year.

The line graph in Figure 1 displays interest in the trend over time. Interest is determined by the frequency of the search term, in this case, “senior living.” The graph is stretched over 12 months, as described along the X axis. The data points reflect the popularity of the search term, as explained by the integers on the Y axis.

The data gathered for senior living focused on the year of 2017. From January 1st through December 3rd, “senior living” stayed at or above the 75th percentile, with its frequency dropping very briefly to just under 75 between November 19th and 25th.

Though it cannot be said with total certainty, it is possible that this dip was due to Thanksgiving. Holiday seasons tend to account for lower rates of Google searches overall. People spend more time with their families than with their technology on special occasions. Variables such as season, location, urgency of placing family members, and a myriad more influence search results.

Figure 2. Image taken from Google Trends, exhibiting interest in “senior living,” broken down by searches based on region; part 1.

Figure 3. Image taken from Google Trends, exhibiting interest in “senior living,” broken down by searches based on region; part 2.

In Figure 2 and Figure 3, the Google search results for “senior living” are broken down by region. Searches based on geographic location allow for analysis of the prevalence and need for retirement centers in the locations of the searches. Examination of the table also provides collective evidence for drawing comparisons.

From there, cultural variations, monetary resources, and placement of values can be ascertained. While correlation does not necessarily mean causation, information displayed like this creates an ease for interpretation. By reading the table, we can be certain that the numerical value next to each region relates to the popularity of senior living as a search result in said region.

The value for each region refers to its relationship with the popularity of the search. The United States has the highest rate of searches for senior living. In comparison, Brazil The USA, for example, reached a search value of 100, meaning they hit the peak popularity. In contrast, Brazil searched for senior living locations at a value of 1, meaning the popularity of searching for senior living in Brazil was less than 1% of the peak popularity.

The regions in question vary in size and popularity. Due to this vast difference, the interest rates are translated into percentages. They are weighed out on a relative scale. The values are reconfigured in a manner that accounts for differences in population size.

Overall, it is very clear that senior living is consistently valued. People age as the years pass by, and as a result, there will always be families in need of trustworthy communities to care for their elderly relatives. Regardless of geographical location and time of year, senior living residences are a timeless commodity.

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