WESTBURY, NY – 11-01-2018 — Long Island Interventions today announced that it is providing free drug test kits to residents in Nassau and Suffolk counties that accurately detect the presence of the twelve most commonly abused drugs.

The 12-panel advanced urine drug test kit typically retails for $14.99, but residents of Long Island can get their drug test kit free by using the coupon code FREETEST1 on the organization’s online store. Long Island area residents only need to pay a $4.99 shipping and handling fee. The coupon code is valid until June 15, 2019, and the offer is limited to one free drug test kit per household.

“By providing these kits free of charge, we want to give residents of Long Island the freedom to test their children and loved ones without having to worry that law enforcement could become involved. Should the kit reveal a drug problem, they can then seek help from us or another organization of their own choosing,” said Aidan Jones, Press Manager at Long Island Interventions.

“The test kit itself is easy to use and comes with full instructions on administration, allowing parents to get answers to questions and put suspicions to rest easily; we view this as an option for parents to open a dialogue with their kids about drugs, and even to relieve them of peer pressure.”

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has confirmed that teens often succumb to peer pressure when faced with risky behavior such as taking drugs; knowledge of a potential drug test acts not just as a powerful deterrent, but also provide a get-out clause from that same pressure.

The 12-panel drug test kit offers a 99% accuracy and tests for twelve different drugs, including Fentanyl, an opioid which helped to turn Long Island into a “ground zero” for opiate abuse. By 2016, Nassau and Suffolk counties were reporting record numbers of deaths.

“For us, the most important thing is offering parents privacy that they might not get elsewhere; if you are concerned about your child’s behavior, please take advantage of this offer,” added Aidan Jones.

“It is never too late – acting now can prevent an addiction from getting worse, because drug abuse often increases the likelihood for anti-social behavior and can even cause psychiatric problems later in life. With this test kit, you can help to prevent your child or family member from becoming another statistic in the drug addiction epidemic that is unfolding on Long Island today.”

The free drug test kit can be purchased for free here with the code FREETEST1. For more information about Long Island Interventions, please visit https://longislandinterventions.com/. For all general and media inquiries, please contact Aidan Jones at 631-887-3234 or email [email protected].

About Long Island Interventions

Long Island Interventions’ mission is to provide addicts and alcoholics with the opportunity to recover with personalized addition treatment placement services and a network of resources, affiliates, and support groups. For more information about Long Island Interventions, please visit the organization’s website.

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