Lost GOT Season Eight Original Script Discovered in Cape Cod


United States, Massachusetts, Boston – 05-27-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — The legendary lost script of hit TV show Game of Thrones was discovered off the coast of Cape Cod yesterday, according to writer Ricardo Alexanders. “I ran into Drogon in the ocean east of Province Town and saw him dropping some scrolls. I picked them up and read the script.” said the fantasy writer. “Who could resist it?”

“No wonder millions of fans are petitioning for remaking the season,” commented Ricardo. “Please don’t blame Dave and Dan. No one could’ve done a better job when the only copy of the script was stolen by a dragon at the last minute.” The Boston based writer believed that the fans would not have been so upset if the season had followed the lost script. “There are still only six episodes. In the script, TV episodes Winterfell and A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms were compressed into one while the plot really changes when Jon reveals his Targaryen lineage to Daenerys in the crypt of Winterfell.” he explained before sharing his findings.  Episode 2: “The Long Night”       Before Daenerys acknowledges Jon’s claim to the Iron Throne, Edd, Tormund, and Beric arrive at Winterfell, reporting House Umber’s fall and the Night King’s advancing army along the King’s road. Jon asks permission to ambush the undead at the Long Lake to buy time for retreating civilians. Daenerys gives Jon the command of the Dothraki. Melisandre returns to Winterfell. Led by Jon and Rhaegal, the Dothraki charges at the undead in day light and is obliterated. Wounded, Jon returns on Rhaegal after an aerial battle with the Night King and Viserion.Well past mid-night, the Night King’s army approaches Winterfell. The Living Army meets the undead outside the wall. The unsullied are overwhelmed and retreat into the castle. Melisandre ignites the defensive fire trench to delay the advancing undead. Edd is killed after saving Sam. Jon and Daenerys engage the Night King on their dragons. The wights attack the wall, overpowering the defenders and killing Lyanna Mormont. Beric dies defending Arya. Arya kills a White Walker with Valyrian steel dagger. Midair, Jon jumps onto Viserion and knocks the Night King off. Drogon burns the Night King, but dragon fire has no effect. Swarming wights pull Daenerys from Drogon. Jorah dies defending her. Jon cannot kill the undead dragon and is thrown off its back. The Night King arrives at the Godswood for Bran and kills Theon. Under the disguised of a White Walker, Arya ambushes the Night King but fails. The Night King grabs Arya by her throat while Jon is cornered by Viserion and the Wights keep coming at Daenerys.Episode 3: “The Last of the Starks”Arya cannot make any move while both Jon and Daenerys are in danger. Bran wargs back to his first meeting with the Night King (S6Ep6). He fights back in the past and disturbs the presence. Bran dies while the Night King loses grip on his assassin. Arya stabs and kills him with Valyrian steel dagger. His White Walkers disintegrate while Viserion and the wights collapse. The survivors mourn and burn the dead. Melisandre leaves Winterfell and dies from old age… “The rest of the script for Episode three and the other episodes of the final season are available on my website, including episode 4 ‘The Bells,’ episode 5 ‘Red Keep,’ and the series finale ‘The Iron Throne.’” said the Ricardo. “Come over to www.ricardoalexanders.com and you will be pleasantly surprised to find out who finally sits on the iron throne and feel satisfactory at the same time.” Ricardo Alexanders is the author of Bollywood Invasion and The Last Resistance: Dragon Tomb

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