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VALENCIA, CA – 01-15-2018 (Press Release Jet) — You will recall that in 2016, the most recent statistics provided by the Department of Labor indicated that the overall improper Unemployment Insurance payment rate was at 11.4%. Since that time, more recent statistics have proven that that rate shows no signs of declining with a current rate of 12.5%. More than ever, there’s a need for America’s businesses to manage their unemployment liabilities. Fortunately, Unemployment Solutions For You is bringing a streamlined process to the 21st Century.

This California-based technology firm is determined to assist businesses of all sizes, in all states, in taking proper control of their unemployment insurance claim processes. Since they began, they have expanded their services for a vital number of unemployment insurance liability software applications, including but not limited to claim processing, benefit charge auditing and providing projections, verifications, voluntary contributions and joint account analysis of UI Tax rate notices. We are most excited to share with you the following software:

UCA 360: The Unemployment Claims Auditor gives the employer the power to take complete control of processing and maintaining unemployment claim records. The software is designed to be a single source where you can monitor claims, identify and track chargeability, claims hearings and generate both internal and external reporting, all the while using your company’s specific terms and timelines.

Unemployment Tax Auditor: An employer’s unemployment tax rate is the only cost an employer can control.It is the foundation of UI and a compass to achieve maximum profitability.Us4U’s Unemployment Tax Auditor (UTA) gives employers the ability to complete tax rate projections, verifications, voluntary contributions and joint account analysis for multiple companies and in all states; with minimal data entry.Unemployment tax rates need to be audited and state calculations confirmed with as much detail if not more than unemployment claims.This software application gives the power back to the employer to navigate through the complicated and intricate world of unemployment tax.

Extractor 360: Allows you to simply scan claim and charge documents which via OCR technology, automatically populates all the required data fields to UCA 360 or any internal database application. Both the time saved and increased accuracy of claim and charge detail make this application invaluable in the daily processing of claims in any State. The Claim and the Charge modules can be leased separately.

SIDES 4 U – Us4U: has built the connectors to SIDES for all states for their clients at a fraction of the cost of internal IT departments. This Department of Labor mandated initiative enables employers to respond to the state agencies electronically for different levels of claim activity. Connecting via SIDES will ensure employers will be in compliance with the UI Integrity Act.

As we enter 2018, we foresee the improper Unemployment Insurance payment rate to only go up, but you don’t have to face this prospect alone. To date, US4U has processed over 2 million claims, with a 50% reduction in workforce labor costs, and audited benefit charges have totaled over $8 Million in credits to their clients. To see how US4U’s unemployment claims software will revolutionize the way your organization handles your unemployment claims, request a free demo on their website today. 

About Us4U: Founded by seasoned unemployment insurance and information technology executives, US4U was born out of the desire to provide employers with a more efficient and cost-effective way to handle their unemployment claims. US4U has achieved this goal by developing a unique and comprehensive range of unemployment claims software solutions that will enable all business owners to remain compliant with the UI Integrity Act while avoiding unnecessary risk and cost. These programs are carefully designed to make the UI claims process as easy to understand and execute as possible and are therefore perfect for every type of business owner, no matter their industry and location. From UI claims tracking programs to internal UI team development, US4U is committed to providing employers with full service unemployment solutions that meet their needs. Also, due to the largely paperless nature of US4U’s program – it’s the perfect solution for the eco-conscious employer who wants to keep their UI tax rate down and improve their carbon footprint. 

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