Mason and Birch: The First and Only Men’s Body Wash that Includes Hyaluronic acid.


ANAHEIM,CA – 11-28-2018 ( — Mason and Birch body wash is a marriage of nature and technology. There are no cutting corners here. Mason and Birch’s face & body wash is made from the highest quality natural and organic ingredients sourced sustainably and elevated using the latest in modern technology. It’s designed from the ground up specifically for the needs of a man’s skin. 

Over 30 natural extracts bring the benefits of nature to nurture and renew your skin, as well as prepare you for an exceptional day (or night) you’re about to have. Hyaluronic acid leaves your skin feeling clean, moisturized and protected. The scent of spruce and cedar combined with minty undertones leave you feeling simultaneously de-stressed, invigorated and grounded.

This is a masterful product designed for a man who’s mastered his craft. Learn more by visiting our Kickstarter campaign.

About Mason and Birch: 

During the Renaissance age, the Masons represented not just brick workers or bricklayers. They were Engineers. They represented the highest form of technology that was available back then. The would use the materials available to them and apply science and mathematics to create stunning wonders that are iconic even by today’s standards. They would take nature and elevate it using technology. Birch was one of the building materials they used. The Masons of the renaissance understood that all of their materials come from nature, and when they’re completed, they’ll return their byproducts to nature. They understood that Human’s are always part of a cycle with nature just as much as they understood that they could use their ingenuity to elevate hat nature had to offer.

Mason and Birch is a Company that builds on this idea of elevating nature with technology. We are an all natural company built on the foundation that we don’t have to substitute nature with technology. Rather, we can enhance nature with technology.

Media Contacts:

Company Name: InventureX
Full Name: Rodney Fife
Phone: 310 450 7731
Email Address: Send Email

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