MAXtech Partners with Ohio State Medical Association


    COLUMBUS, OH, December 31, 2017 — One of the fastest-growing IT and technology companies in the U.S., MAXtech, has just partnered with Ohio State Medical Association (OSMA) to handle all of their managed services.

Recently named to Ink 5000's list of the fastest growing private companies in America, MAXtech has furthered their company profile by bringing on OSMA as a new client.

OSMA has been at the forefront of improving medical practice through representing doctors, staff and patients on state and federal legislation issues. OSMA also offers business solutions, ongoing education, reimbursement and payer assistance, and vendor services.

MAXtech has a strong focus on helping the medical industry be as efficient as possible without any gaps or letdowns when it comes to tech infrastructure and delivery.

“Flawless technology to help medical professionals in areas of budgeting, training, ensuring staff compliance with PCI and HIPAA guidelines, etc.,” said MAXtech CEO Matt Enderle about the partnership.

Another big area MAXtech will be helping OSMA with has to do with security and monitoring. MAXtech has their own temperature-controlled datacenter to ensure uptime, prevent third-party interference and so speed is never an issue. OSMA will be equipped with the latest anti-virus and malware protection as well, so medical records and private patient information won't become compromised.

MAXtech is headquartered at 355 E. Campus View Blvd. #230 in Columbus, Ohio, and can be reached via phone at: 614-401-8800.

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