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SANTA MONICA, CA – 11-28-2018 ( — It’s no secret among writers, journalists, business owners, and public relations firms, that Media Contacts List is the #1 media contact database provider. Even with the internet and social media, having the right media contacts list is essential when seeking publicity, news coverage, promotion and advertising. And it all starts with the right media contact database. Until now, having the access to the contacts needed in order to mass distribute a press release has never been so easily attainable! The power and possibilities that a well targeted media contacts list offers is priceless, and now, not only is Media Contacts Lists offering access to our media contacts directory for free, our contact lists start at $25!

Updating our lists daily to ensure accurate up-to-the-minute contacts, services include: strategically targeted lists, news alerts and customer support. Our list volumes vary and can accommodate any business size, and, at an affordable rate, can grow as business expands. The media contacts directory includes all of the information needed for creating the perfect, customized media contacts lists for sending press releases. The lists provide detailed information, including: media outlet, desired audience, demographic and geographic choices, coverage, contact names, phone numbers, website, industry and type (print, online or both). These details are reliable, accurate, and essential to a successful press release.

Getting newsworthy information to a targeted audience has held many buyers hostage, charging an astronomical price, with no guarantees. Media Contacts Lists guarantees fresh lists, or there’s no charge! Once an order is processed the list is sent to the buyer’s inbox in 24-48 hours. And now, starting at just $25, what used to cost 1000’s of dollars, and take years, even decades to acquire, is now available with a few strokes of a keyboard. The Company provides; state-by-state, national and world lists in order to help narrow the playing field, allowing its users to customize our media contact lists to reach the desired audience. Making it possible foranyone seeking press release distribution, to experience the power to advertise locally or globally.

Media Contacts List is a leader and innovator in the media industry, and is dedicated to offering diverse contacts for advertising and distribution. Media Contacts List is proud and confident in the opportunities that our media contacts directory can provide to anyone seeking to build a contacts list for press releases, and achieve our visions and goals. And looks forward to the progress and growth that it is sure to come from a hearty media contacts list.

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