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LOS ANGELES, CA – 11-30-2018 ( — Having the access to the contacts needed in order to mass distribute a press release has never been so easy to obtain! Even with the internet, social media and good old fashioned newspapers, having a media contacts list is a key factor to a successful press release. Until now, getting newsworthy information to a targeted audience has held many buyers hostage, charging an astronomical price, with no guarantees.

What used to take years, even decades to acquire, can now be downloaded in a matter of minutes, starting at only $25. Now, there’s a company that can make it happen, and save its users 1000’s of dollars; Media Contacts Lists. Providing excellent customer support and offering an extensive local, nationwide and international media contacts list, with over 100,000 media contacts in its media list database.  

The tool includes distribution of press releases, news alerts and customer support. The list sizes vary and can accommodate any business size, and, at an affordable rate, can grow as business expands.

Media Contacts List knows that having a rich media contact list increases opportunity for business growth and success, and is dedicated to making it affordable and easy for its users to navigate distribution of press releases and unlock unlimited potential. Starting at $25,Media Contacts List provides fast, reliable contacts lists as a tool to help further the company goals, increase revenue, and get news to the public. Media Contacts List makes it possible foranyone seeking press release distribution, to experience the power to advertise locally or globally.

Media Contacts List is a leader an innovator in the media industry, offering diverse contacts for advertising and distribution. The Company provides; state-by-state, national and world lists in order to help narrow the playing field and customize an area to reach the desired audience. Media Contacts List is proud and confident in the abilities that the media contacts list can provide to help businesses achieve their visions and goals, and looks forward to the progress and growth that it is sure to come to fruition.

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