Messiah tells NASA “Grass is green”


ENGLEWOOD, CO – 02-20-2019 ( — Mukesh Prasad, a resident of Englewood, Colorado, a US citizen born in India, who claims to be the prophesied Second Coming of Christ, is saying the manmade Climate Change theory is completely false, and is based on the assumption that everything on Earth – grass, sand, rocks – everything is black.

“Not so. Physics has meaning, you can’t just make up properties. Grass may be dried and look yellow, and if you burn dried grass you may get a bit of black matter. But in general, grass is green.” he explains for NASA’s benefit.NASA’s Climate Change theory assumes grass, sand, rocks all are “Blackbodies”, i.e. colored perfectly black. While this simplifies the model, it also makes the model totally wrong, he explains. “In general, with few exceptions, white objects radiate the least heat, black objects the most. Other objects fall in between. A green object is not a blackbody. A blackbody is a theoretically perfectly black object, by definition. A green object has different thermodynamic properties from a blackbody.”The assumption that everything on earth was perfectly black led to the manmade Climate Change theory, he contends, and then a systemic bias was introduced in NASA models to align valid data to invalid theory. “This was an example of humongous hubris – and the fault of this perhaps lies with the system of ‘peer review’. Peer review is an informal system of scientific validation, which clearly failed here, and in general has become mostly about form and not about content. The rules of peer review are not written, but are slowly taught to Ph.D. students, and it’s a form of bringing them to heel, a way to bring intense academic peer pressure to bear on all scientists. This intense academic peer pressure via ‘peer review’ is what caused and sustains this false manmade climate change theory.””In fact, grass, sand, rocks, do not even feature significantly in the Earth’s emissivity of 0.65” he corrected his earlier estimate of 0.64 – noting that NASA’s calculations apparently use an emissivity of 0.99 instead of full 1.0, “the significant factors are clouds. You can see in NASA’s own images of Earth that it’s a pale blue – not perfectly black – object with clouds covering a lot of it.”However, the color of grass being an effective summary of how NASA went wrong, his message to NASA is “Dear NASA, grass is not, repeat not, a blackbody. Please obey the scientific method here – go outside and visually check various grasses you can find. You will find that your manmade Climate Change theory is mistaken. Grass. Is. Green.”

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