MIE Solutions® Releases Significant Product Enhancements


MIE Trak Pro® now provides Credit Card Processing, Contract / Quality Clauses and Dynamic Nesting

Press Release updated: Jan 11, 2018 06:00 EST

Garcen Grove, CA, January 11, 2018 – MIE Solutions® (www.mie-solutions.com) a leading manufacturing ERP software authority, today announced new capabilities are now available in its latest product release. This new MIE Trak Pro® enhancement provides Credit Card Processing, Contract / Quality Clauses and Dynamic Nesting. These are just a sampling of new features included with the latest MIE Trak Pro® release.

Credit Card Processing provides full credit card processing. MIE Trak Pro® customers can now accept, pre-authorize, capture and automatically apply (some verb missing here) payments to an invoice.

Contract Clauses, sometimes known as Quality Clauses, allow you to set up specific contract clauses containing quality control requirements, comments, etc. These clauses are customer specific and when a customer orders parts, MIE Trak Pro® users can now easily place Contract Clauses directly into the sales order.

Dynamic Nesting allows shop floor employees to simultaneously clock in to multiple work orders. Nests do not always need to be created and can now be done during the manufacturing process more dynamically.

About MIE Solutions

MIE Solutions is a worldwide leading supplier of advanced technology for the manufacturing community with installations in North America, Australia, Europe, Mexico, New Zealand and South Africa. We offer a variety of innovative software products for integrating business data, allowing organizations to make informed decisions for streamlining their business processes, resulting in maximum efficiency and immediate ROI. Companies of all sizes have used our products to bring their business to the next level, improving their manufacturing productivity and quality.

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