Motovise brings transparency to used car buying with used car pre purchase inspection service.


SOMERSET. NJ – 02-11-2019 ( — Motovise, a used car inspection company that provides comprehensive reports and analysis of used cars and trucks, today, this week announced they will be offering onsite used car pre-purchase inspections in San Diego and Philadelphia, bringing their expertise to used car buyers throughout these areas as well as New Jersey and NYC.

Now providing an onsite used car inspection that culminates in a report detailing the full understanding of the vehicle’s condition, Motovise is hoping to support clients as they make a finalized selection and purchase of a used car.

“We’ve all heard the used car horror stories, when clients unknowingly buy a car that is just days away from permanently breaking down,” said John Mavrianos, Co-Founder of Motovise. “The everyday person requires insight into these vehicles, and that’s where our team comes into the picture. We are bringing our expertise to the location of the used car, providing peace of mind for our customers and assisting them in purchasing a safe and reliable vehicle at its market value.”

By pursuing a car inspection through Motovise, customers can count on unbiased condition reports that are not aligned with any dealership, ASE certified technicians that are trained to identify any vehicle shortcomings, future cost reductions by identifying any undisclosed problems or defects, risk reduction through knowing the vehicle is safe for driving, and confidence to make the final down payment on a vehicle.

To kick-start every used car inspection, Motovise provides a simple 3-step process completed entirely online. First, the inspection request is submitted through the Motovise website. Next, a Motovise technician will schedule an appointment within 24-48 hours and inspect the vehicle inside and out, completing the onsite used car inspection in just one hour. Immediately after the inspection is completed, a report is generated identifying all problems and issues so clients can bring up the shortcomings to the dealerships. The report is available to customers through their online portal and clients can elect to review the results with a phone consultation.

“We step in with critical services and generated reports that can save clients from making one of the worst financial investments in their lives – not to mention, a potentially dangerous investment that can harm them as well as their families,” said Amaury Berrios, Co-Founder of Motovise. “It’s the kind of service that used car buyers just can’t live without, considering the convenience and benefits of onsite used car inspections”

About Motovise: Motovise was founded by two automotive experts, each with over 10 years of experience in various positions in automotive organisations, that grew increasingly frustrated with the lack of transparency and overall state of used car salesmanship. The company conducts onsite used car inspections and provides a comprehensive report and consultation to help its customers purchase a safe and reliable used vehicle at its true market value. At this time, Motovise operates in New Jersey, NYC, Philadelphia, as well as San Diego. For more information, or to book an inspection today, visit:

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