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UNITED STATES – 09-29-2020 ( — Depression is a disease that is on the rise so much that the WHO believes that it will become the most common disease in humans in the coming decades. Depression has become more common yet not talked about. Hard times are an indispensable part of life and many make us moody, perhaps sad or depressed. What happens when such moments last longer? When we’re not sure what exactly is happening to us or how long will this state of “displeasure” will last? And the thought of depression scares a lot, mostly out of ignorance, but also the taboo that reigns when the topic is mentioned.

People around you often think it’s enough to just think positively, but they don’t understand that sometimes it’s a struggle to survive the day. The attitude that challenges are nothing serious, but rather you just need to try harder, can create a feeling of guilt. Because depression is still a taboo topic in many areas, it creates the feeling of shame when sad, let alone depressed.Depression is not a shame, but it is a shame not to ask for help.Luckily, times are steadily changing. There are more and more celebrities in the world who openly talk about depression. And not just celebrities, but ordinary, everyday people who have tackled depression and the way they fight it. Open conversations about depression have helped depressed people realize that they are not alone in that struggle.Sometimes there’s just that feeling that overwhelms, the feeling that we can’t deal with it anymore. We don’t want to be us anymore. “And in these times, we need a break — we need to step back. We need to remember who we are, what’s important, and how we want to feel. But as humans, we all forget. We all get lazy or weary. That’s just what it means to be human and imperfect. And that’s completely okay. With so many things vying for attention, quite frankly, it’s difficult to not get sidetracked,” stated Nest of thoughts, a blog that is focused on improving emotional intelligence and mental health. Nest of thoughts is a website that publishes visual quotes for good mental health. Unlike many websites where you can find quotes dedicated to almost everything, what makes this site different and original are the structured graphic quotes. Each published quote is carefully chosen and spread out as a weekly guide. With quotes well-thought-out and coupled with visual stimulation, they become notably more striking. What we have then is the Nest of thoughts, a collection of visual quotes and thoughts that matter for motivation, love, and living.“Nest of Thoughts is for the everyday person who goes through the challenges and difficulties of life and needs a refresher. And more importantly, for those who have known the heartaches and challenges of mental health struggles” said Nest. This wonderful blog, with expertly selected quotes, will help you encourage thoughts for good mental health and will surely bring you great relief. Read on and you won’t regret it.To know more about Nest of Thoughts visit

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