New Book Alleges Racism, Sexual Harassment, and Test Cheating at Brooklyn College


BROOKLYN – 06-10-2019 ( — Author Webster Edgewood publishes his new book – “The Boy Who Didn’t Cheat in School: Widespread Corruption at a College in a Little Town Called Brooklyn.”  Edgewood gives a blow by blow account of a former boxer (Richard Thomas), who attended Brooklyn College on a boxing and academic scholarship.  The new book alleges sexual harassment, gender discrimination, religious discrimination, test cheating, financial schemes, NCAA violations, and claims that – “Brooklyn College is the most racist college in America.” 

Book Description:When Richard Thomas went to Brooklyn College in between 1998 and 2003, he was always being accused of using steroids because of his muscular build. But when Richard competed as a boxer in multiple boxing tournaments, his blood sample would always come back negative. As Richard attended Brooklyn College, he used to wonder, “Who is checking the blood of these white students, who are academically cheating inside of Brooklyn College?”Richard also noticed that the professors were aiding and abetting the cheating, which was occurring inside of Brooklyn College. Therefore, the black students didn’t have a chance against these white students, who were given preferential treatment. Richard eventually joined the basketball team, and Brooklyn College was kicking black students off of the team because their grades were below a “C” grade point average. Brooklyn college was rewarding white students, who were cheating, and the school was handing them fraudulent degrees. But the black students, who were honestly taking tests – were not even graduating.And this made Richard wonder – “America is putting athletic cheats or men, who use steroids or performance enhancers in front of Congress or a Criminal Court or even a Civil Court, but these academic cheats are being rewarded with fraudulent college degrees, and good paying jobs.” Book Title: The Boy Who Didn’t Cheat in School: Widespread Corruption at a College in a Little Town Called BrooklynPublication Date: May 31, 2019  Category: Sexual Harassment, Racism, Civil Rights Author: Webster Edgewood  www.pantsdownceo.comISBN-10: 1070868795ISBN-13: 978-1070868790Page Count: 193 pages Book Size: 6” x 9” Language: EnglisheBook: $4.99Paperback: $14.99 The Boy Who Didn’t Cheat in School: Widespread Corruption at a College in a Little Town Called Brooklyn is available at –

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