New online platform offers a cushion for monetary exchanges among friends and family


US – 10-08-2018 ( — Newly launched platform vows to help lenders to family and friends save money and prevent misunderstandings for an affordable price. 

Have you ever lent money to a relative or a friend only to spend the months to come asking yourself daily whether this act of kindness would ruin your relationship with them?

Not knowing when you will get your money back can bear a hole at the pit of your stomach, and with no visible outlet in sight, your relationship with that person could deteriorate.

But thanks to, lending money to friends and family is now easy, cheap and hassle-free. is proud to announce the launch of its new ‘promissory note’ online platform, specially designed to keep tricky monetary exchanges between you and your loved ones mutually rewarding.

The new platform will give you the opportunity to define the obligations for both you and the borrower, and save thousands of dollars from otherwise having to visit a lawyer to draw up a promissory note.

This serves as a cushion that helps to ensure your most valued relationships will remain untouched by the corroding influence of money.   

“Each year, in the US alone, billions of dollars are being loaned to friends and family without getting some form of documentation of the loan.” According to the Federal Reserve Board Survey of Consumer Finances, each year, in the U.S. alone, loans to friends and family amount to $89 Billion (source:  “When the time for repaying the loan comes, memories go blank, and this often creates family friction and ends friendships.

“By getting a promissory loan agreement, all parties agree to the terms, so there are no misunderstandings going forward.”

You will easily have complete freedom over your finances. By agreeing the principal amount, interest rate and the maturity date with your borrower in advance, you avoid misunderstandings with the people you value most.  

You get to lend or borrow any amount you wish, all the while feeling more secure in the knowledge that with the loan agreement in place, things should go smoothly from start to finish.

How it works: 

  1. Lender creates Promissory Note.
  2. Lender sends Note to borrower.
  3. Borrower accepts Promissory Note.
  4. Lender pays Promissory Note service fee.
  5. Borrower pays back after a period.
  6. Lender receives notification.
  7. Lender approves payment.
  8. Borrower gets notified.
  9. The loan is closed after all payments are made.

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About iPromissory

iPromissory was launched by Stacey P., a mompreneur in September 2018. The company’s mission is to soften the emotional strain of money exchanges among family and friends and to eliminate the need for unnecessary expenditure for lawyers.

The company embraces the spirit of fairness and transparency and believes that both sides should have a clear outlook on any loan agreement from day one.

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