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UNITED KINGDOM – 11-29-2018 ( — Vidalux now offers all showers in black and mirrored glass to expand the options for your bathroom.

Interior design and personal style have a lot in common and a standard piece of advice given by experts in both areas is that investment pieces, basically the ones you expect to last a long time, should be in classic neutrals, but you can ring in the changes (and basically have fun) with lower-priced accessories). This is why the coloured bathroom suites popular in the 1980s never stood much of a chance of being anything more than a short-term trend. At the same time, however, there are more classic neutrals than the ubiquitous white and Vidalux has decided that it’s time for bathroom appliances to reflect this.
Black and mirror glass may be the new white
White rooms, including white bathrooms, can look truly stunning and if you implement them properly they can be reasonably low-maintenance. The problem with white interiors these days is quite simply that they have become vastly overdone to the point where some people at least are getting increasingly eager to see something new. As Andrew Ellis, spokesperson for Steam Shower Store puts it: “White is really economical and straightforward option for manufacturers and so it’s not exactly a surprise that they’ve been eager to push it on consumers, but really, I think they’ve pushed it a bit too hard for a bit too long and people really want more options. Yes, bathroom appliances are investment pieces and yes, from that perspective, white appliances make sense, but there are other options and I’m happy to see Vidalux picking up on this. To borrow a phrase from the fashion industry, I think black and mirror glass may be the new white. If white helps to create a light, tranquil look similar to modern spas, black helps to create a snug, safe feeling but still with a touch of drama, which is why people are starting to embrace it more in their homes. Mirrored glass, by contrast, really helps to create a feeling of space, which is at a premium in modern homes and, in particular, in modern bathrooms.”
Getting back to nature
Another development Andrew Ellis is pleased to see is that now all Vidalux showers come with a “slatted wood” insert in the tray and a matching “wood look” stool. He explains “The 1960s was the age of space exploration and if you look at the home décor of the time, you can really see the excitement about space reflected there. That was really the start of the trend of preferring man-made materials over natural ones and at the time there were good reasons for this. Even in the 1960s however, people still valued natural materials, their appeal never really went away and over recent years, it’s been coming back more and more. Now, people are looking to use natural materials as much as possible and when that isn’t possible, such as in a shower, they’re looking for materials which look natural. Again, it’s good to see Vidalux picking up on this and taking steps to give consumers what they want.”.
A new focus on bathroom design
Andrew Ellis isn’t sure that the bathroom will ever take over from the kitchen as the heart of the home, but he is sure that it is going to become increasingly important over the coming years. As he says “The bathroom is the place for self-care and people are becoming increasingly aware of how important that is, which means that there’s a growing want, in fact, a growing need, for private spaces to take care of body and mind and for most people, that’s going to be their bathroom. We’re therefore very happy to be Vidalux’ main retail partner and to stock their expanding range of products aimed at helping people to create the bathroom of their dreams.”

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