New Study Details the Market for Printable, Stretchable and Flexible Electronics


Edinburgh, Scotland — (ReleaseWire) — 12/19/2017 –Based on a new generation of advanced materials, printed, flexible and stretchable sensors and electronics will enable new possibilities in a diverse range of industries from healthcare to automotive to buildings.

The recent growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and wearables has created the need for electronics and sensor systems that are small, lightweight, mechanically flexible and low-power. These systems must also be able to conform to the shape of and survive the environment in which they must operate. They are typically fabricated on flexible plastic substrates or are printed/woven into fabrics.

Market areas covered include:

– Conductive inks.
– Wearables and IoT.
– Medical and healthcare sensors and wearables.
– Electronic clothing and apparel.
– Energy storage and conversion.
– Flexible displays and electronic components.

The new report, The Global Market for Printable, Flexible and Stretchable Sensors and Electronics 2017-2027, from Future Markets, Inc., the world's leading publisher of advanced materials market information and producer of Nanotech Magazine ( provides a complete picture of current and future opportunities in this market.

Report contents include:

– Current and future printable, flexible and stretchable products.

– Advanced materials used in printable, flexible and stretchable electronics and sensors.

– Stage of commercialization for applications, from basic research to market entry. Markets covered include conductive inks, wearables and IoT, medical & healthcare sensors, electronic clothing & smart apparel, energy harvesting & storage, electronics components and flexible displays.

– Market drivers and trends.

– Market figures for conductive inks, by materials type and revenues to 2027.

– Market figures for inkjetable conductive inks to 2027.

– Global market revenues for wearable electronics to 2027.

– Global transparent conductive electrodes market forecast by materials type.

– Addressable market for smart textiles and wearables in medical and healthcare.

– Global market for thin film, flexible and printed batteries to 2027.

– Global smart clothing and apparel market revenues to 2027.

– Global market for flexible OLED displays to 2027.

– Over 250 in-depth company profiles.

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