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LearningRx Personal Brain Training Reviews Seven Ways to Boost Your Brain Power in 2020

Your sister wants to lose weight. Your boss wants to quit smoking. Your cousin wants to get out of debt and repair his bad credit. Sound familiar? It should. They’re the same unmet goals from last year. And the year before. What would happen if you broke away from the pack of standard “lose,” “quit” and “fix” and instead opted to improve something you’re going to use for the rest of your life? That’s exactly what personal brain training company LearningRx is helping people do by sharing seven ways to boost your brain power in 2020. Here are the highlights:           1. Start exercising. Research now shows that even light to moderate aerobic exercise improves oxygen consumption, which helps the brain to function better. In the elderly, aerobic exercise—such as walking, bicycling or yoga—has actually been found to reduce brain cell loss.Bonus benefits: You’ll likely meet new people and lose weight. 2. Read more. A study from Yale University School of Public Health has found that reading books may extend your lifespan by up to two years. In addition, a 2013 study by researchers from Rush University Medical Center found that reading may slow dementia.Bonus benefits: Reduced stress, improved sleep, enhanced social skills, greater IQ. 3. Enroll in personal brain training.One-on-one brain training incorporates immediate feedback, intensity, and loading, among other features, to target brain skills. Effective brain training targets attention, auditory processing, and memory, along with visual processing, logic & reasoning and/or processing speed to make thinking, learning, reading and remembering easier and faster. “I enrolled my freshman son in brain training at LearningRx,” says Dr. Anne Murphy, Associate Professor and Associate Director of the Neuroscience Institute at Georgia State University. “He was struggling academically and things were not ‘sticking.’ At the end of his training, my son’s cognitive skills improved dramatically. One of the best things was that his school performance progressively and consistently improved, and along with it, my son’s confidence level. We went from a solid lower C student to an A/B student.”Bonus benefits: Better time management and organization can mean better finances, more time for exercise and fun, and greater productivity at work.
To read the full article, visit About LearningRxLearningRx, headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is the largest one-on-one brain training company in the world. With approximately 70 Centers in the U.S. and locations in 47 countries around the globe, LearningRx has helped more than 100,000 individuals and families sharpen their cognitive skills to help them think faster, learn easier, and perform better. Their on-site and remote training programs partner every client with a personal brain trainer to keep clients engaged, accountable, and on-task—providing more targeted and intensive training than online-only brain exercises. Their pioneering methods have been used in clinical settings for over 35 years and have been verified as beneficial in 12 peer-reviewed research papers and journals. To learn more visit

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