New Year, New Marketing Strategies: Forward-Thinking Businesses Ramp Up Digital Spending to Outrun Competitors


MINNEAPOLIS, MN – 11-09-2018 ( — Traditional Marketing is Starting to Take a Backseat to Digitally Focused Marketing Campaigns. 

With the New Year on the horizon, marketing managers across the country are focusing on their 2019 marketing budget. Those in charge of a company’s marketing initiatives must be tuned into the latest trends, as the marketing landscape is always changing. 

The big shift to look for this upcoming year? Digital marketing. Search engine optimization, pay per click ads, content marketing, social media and web design and development all figure to be heavily involved in many 2019 marketing plans. 

One of the big reasons for companies starting to put more resources towards their digital avenues is that these marketing strategies allow them to connect with their target audience on larger scale and more frequently. Businesses that are ahead of the curve recognize that with digital marketing, they can easier track their ROI to make sure that they are getting their money’s worth. 

“With traditional marketing, you run the risk of putting all these resources into a campaign and never knowing whether you received any sales from that campaign,” Tim Brown, CEO of Hook Agency, a digital marketing agency in Minneapolis, says of the problems with traditional marketing mediums like print, broadcast, and billboards. 

“When companies decide to put more effort into their digital marketing activities, it tells me that they are serious about creating awareness for their product or service offerings and actually getting it to the people who need it the most,” Brown continues, “Everyone is online these days. Whether they frequent Facebook or Instagram, or are using Google for seeking answers to a need, there is a digital marketing campaign that can be used to reach them while incorporating an effective and relevant message.” 

While many businesses are stuck in the past when it comes to they distribute their marketing budget between digital and traditional, forward-thinking, innovative companies are starting to fully embrace the benefits that digital marketing provides. 

Pay close attention in 2019 to see which companies are shifting their marketing budget to lean more on digital. 

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