News Monitors Sweden Releases a Dark Web Data Mining Tool to Prevent Security Breach and Monitor Stolen Data



News Monitors Sweden a pioneer in Data mining, linguistics and human language technology HLT, today dispatches another variant of its new Dark Web multilingual monitoring instrument. News Monitors has devoted its current endeavors to provide a crawling engine to the dark web making it easy to access delicate data.

Governments and organizations like to believe that its cybersecurity systems cannot be breached and that its customers’ data is always protected, but companies like Sony Entertainment Inc. and Uber Technologies Inc. have all proven over the last few years that even the biggest enterprises can be breached. Stolen data often ends up for sale somewhere on the dark web, which is why News Monitors is using the dark web as an early warning system for data breach.

News Monitors' new equation uses artificial intelligence to monitor the dark web for any signs that a company’s data might be for sale, also alerting companies of a breach, giving them time to diminish breaches. According to David Berg, News Monitors’ dark web full stack developer, “data theft costs the global economy more than $400 billion each year, and businesses will need to rely on new technologies to keep pace with hackers. Moreover, as the dark web expands, computer bots are essential to keep up where humans cannot”.

The new dark web data mining solution is available for governmental entities and organizations operating under, and soon to be available as a free search engine for the public. The organization additionally offers more catchphrases in 32 languages including Persian, Arabic, Pashtu, Russia and Chinese.


About News Monitors Inc.

News Monitors engages linguistics and data mining professionals with solutions and devices to enhance their capabilities in leveraging from any human language technology, through the use of hardware and software devices in audio recognition, automatic subtitling and translation in addition to key word monitoring. The organization is headquartered in Stockholm Sweden was established in 2008 by veterans of the linguistics community, currently includes more than 400 records in more than 40 nations, covering Governmental entities all over the world.

SOURCE News Monitors Media Team

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