Noice Industries Security and Citi Global have partnered to launch Epiphany Ops, an autonomous indoor/outdoor physical security solution.


TORRANCE, CA – 09-10-2018 ( — Epiphany Physical Security Operations, autonomous solutions securing all physical infrastructure, including access control, airspace, buildings, connected devices (IIoT), facilities, equipment, perimeter, operational technologies (OT) and property.

“Epiphany Ops provides complete turnkey physical security solutions that deliver actionable intelligence and situational awareness in real-time, from confined spaces or critical infrastructure to the most difficult and remote regions on the planet.” States Ron Harris, CEO of Noice Industries.“Our cybersecurity solutions separate IT from OT and makes OT devices invisible on the internet”

“Epiphany operation capabilities are based on the integration of Stealth UAV technologies, tethered drones, zoom cameras, infrared cameras, low light cameras, sensors, sonar, radar, AIS, 3d mapping, robotics, recognition, secure communications, geolocation, non-lethal deterrents, rescue solutions, disaster relief products, data analytics, artificial intelligence, software and hardware.” Adds Harris.

“The Epiphany Surveillance System has logged thousands of hours flying continuous anti-poaching missions in Africa for the past 5 years.The Solution received a Silver Edison Award in April 2018 for outstanding UAV Surveillance achievements in Africa and our IIoT security solution has gone unbreeched for 20 years.” Explains Harris.

“Noice Industries and Citi Global have urbanized the African solutions for the US market.We’ve developed solutions for rural perimeter security, border patrol, urban physical security, active shooter response, maritime security, emergency response and public safety.” Explains Adel Barry, President of Citi Global Security

“Epiphany Ops monitors airspace, airports, borders, campuses, crime scenes, critical infrastructure. disasters, events, floods, fires, coastal areas, facilities, farms, fish farms, harbors, islands, marina, perimeters, pipeline, prisons, protected areas, ranches, remote perimeters, refineries, school, wetlands and multi terrain or wide areas.” States Barry.

“Epiphany Operations surveillance and perimeter management solution provides unmanned aerial surveillance (Actionable Intelligence), surface surveillance (cameras and smart sensors). Geolocation system that tracks the target, the ground force, mobile command and the UAV in real time. Says Harris.

“The solution delivers real time communications across the operation to management, command, ground forces, employees, law enforcement, first responders and contractors on a single dashboard that’s tailored to the viewer’s role, responsibilities, and location.” Adds Barry.

Although Citi Global was founded more than 60 years ago, we’re not content with doing things the same way they’ve always been done. We’re constantly investigating new technology and innovative ideas to see how we can apply them to improve the security we provide for our clients. In fact, we were the first security providers to test drones for private security purposes in the United States.We provide security through a wide variety of means, including physical security guards, laser fencing, surveillance cameras, tracking devices equipped with geolocation technology, client portals, remote monitoring and more.

NOICE Industries are manufacturers and integrators of technology-based security solutions that span the enterprise, including property, critical infrastructure, IoT and perimeter security.The Noice team includes engineers, product developers, solution designers, software engineers, and manufacturing facilities. The solution in Africa flies under a non-profit banner Air Shepard.We staff tactical operations planners and over 40 drone pilots, all trained in flying in small confined spaces and beyond visible line of sight.

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