NY SEO and AdWords Marketing Company (GVATE LLC) Launched a Rebranding Campaign


NEW YORK – 11-26-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — Change Reflects Scopes and Opportunities for Business Expansion

GVATE LLC, an award-winning SEO and AdWords Management agency in NYC has announced the launch of its newly designed logo and website as a part of the company’s ongoing evolution. The new logo represents the brand identity of GVATE to its extensive client base throughout the globe.

Since its inception in 2015, GVATE has been offering reliable SEO and AdWords marketing services in NYC to small, medium and enterprise clients. Within a brief time, GVATE has earned an excellent reputation in the SEO industry and is certified as the “Best SEO Firm in NYC” by Clutch.  The new logo design indicates that the company is revamping its business ethics and is planning to adopt a new model. This new design also takes into account the true meaning of the company’s name. GVATE stands for Globally Innovate. The idea that innovation is embedded in the company’s DNA is clearly portrayed in the new logo design. 

 The new logo design is simple in style and shines a light on the reputation and innovative spirit of GVATE. Color combination of the new model is pretty eye-catching and attractive. The big ‘G’ in the middle of the square box justifies the priority given to the brand name. The Middle Age’s manuscripts inspired the idea to use a letter form in the logo design.

GVATE officials also confirmed that the company had introduced three break-out services – Programmatic Advertising, Press Distribution, and Salesforce setup & Management.  

Some of GVATE’s recognitions include been awarded as one of the top SEO, Digital Marketing and Reputation Management Companies in NYC by reputable institutions like Clutch.co, SEM Firms, Top Agency, Upcity, and Top SEO Rankers. The firm currently holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

 The equity and reputation earned by GVATE under its previous logo is a valuable asset. However, as the competition gets tougher, it is essential to implement changes. With the launch of the new logo and website design, GVATE strives to deliver on it’s new and improve service offering process and strategies. Investing in new opportunities for future expansion & growth is now the primary focus of GVATE. 

GVATE aims to remain one of the top digital marketing & advertising agencies in New York City. The new logo and website design is an integral part of a series of strategies to improve the company’s existing brand identity and market reputation. It is believed that the company will perform better than before, with a new spirit and enthusiasm.

Although the organization is re-inventing its brand with a new website and logo design, the core objectives remain the same. The new identity will not only overcome the potential barriers to growth but will also open doors to expansion in the future. Indeed, the change in GVATE’s logo and website design is a great way to revamp its brand identity and value in the current market.


GVATE LLC is a registered New York-based SEO and AdWords Company, dedicated to offering the highest standards in SEO and online marketing services. Within a short span of time, GVATE was able to earn its title as one of the TOP SEO experts in NYC. It has a dedicated team of SEO professionals, AdWords experts, Media Buying and Planning Experts, graphic designers, web developers, and project managers to deliver satisfactory services to clients. GVATE offers services to small business owners, entrepreneurs, and mid to large corporate firms. From lead-generation marketing to SEO website design, GVATE can deliver on every type of digital marketing services.    

Media Contacts:

Company Name: GVATE LLC
Phone: 917.960.2736
Email Address: Send Email
Website: https://www.gvate.com

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