Olive + Audrey Design, LLC Releases Hello Fall Collection


Handcrafted organizational tools that are made from reclaimed wood or sustainably harvested lumber. They showcase the stunning natural beauty and character of the wood, with sophisticated designs inspired by historical architecture.

Press Release updated: Oct 16, 2017 15:00 CDT

Designer Ashley Blessing from Olive + Audrey Design, LLC is releasing the brand new Hello Fall Collection, and each product will be individually made by the designer herself. The Hello Fall Collection will be released on Oct. 18, 2017.

Olive + Audrey Design is known for providing organizational tools that assist the active and productive woman so she can focus on what matters the most to her.

Thus, for the first time, Ashley Blessing has created an entire product line of her favorite and most popular framed message boards. The new Hello Fall Collection is scheduled to go live on Oct. 18, 2017.

The collection will be exclusively sold on the website OliveandAudreyDesign.com where the limited products are scheduled to sell out by the end of the season.

The framed message boards are designed to showcase the season with fall colors and details so the feeling of fall can be enjoyed all year long.

Products come in French White, Firewood, and Natural colors to capitalize on today’s trends.

Because frames can be built from responsible resources, customers can feel good about displaying an Olive + Audrey Design message board in their home. Boards are available in both chalkboard and dry erase board writing surfaces.

Each individual framed message board has its own name. A few examples are:

•   $140 Pear Message Board

•   $140 Figs Message Board

•   $100 Pomegranate Message Board

•   $100 Dates Message Board

•   $100 Cherry Message Board

Hello Fall Collection ranges in price from $75.00 to $190.00

Ashley is excited to welcome her fans to the new handmade product line collection they’ve been requesting.


For more information about the Hello Fall Collection or for an interview with Ashley Blessing, please write to [email protected] Media high-res photos available upon request.

About Olive + Audrey Design, LLC

Ashley Blessing started designing organizational tools after she was faced with a very real problem. She loved to utilize message boards for planning but realized that they were all very utilitarian in design. After many months of creating framed message boards by hand, Ashley’s products started gaining notoriety amongst the framed message board industry.

Source: Olive + Audrey Design, LLC

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