Places.Yoga, a search engine for yoga studios, meditation centers and retreats launches on International Yoga Day


VICTORIA – 06-20-2019 ( —  Places.Yoga, a search engine designed to help users find yoga studios, meditation centers and retreats was launched today, on International Yoga Day. The site lives at and is both desktop and mobile optimized.

“Yoga studios and interest in meditation are exploding around the world, part of a major global movement by people exploring new ways to be well in a noisy, stressful, and attention-starved modern world,” said Eric J. Gerritsen, CEO of Places.Yoga.Places.Yoga helps yoga and meditation practitioners navigate this flourishing scene with access to a curated international database of yoga studios, meditation centers, and retreats. Users add reviews of studios and retreats they experience to help those that come later. For yoga studio owners, Places.Yoga delivers a global platform to build market profile, attract new customers, and feature retreats and special events.For yoga teachers, retreats are an important part of their revenue mix and Places.Yoga is designed to make it easy for them to get their retreat offerings in front of wellness consumers looking to take a yoga or meditation practice deeper, manage the stresses of modern life, or just to take one solid step forward on the path to personal wellness.“International Yoga Day is the perfect moment to launch this new service,” said Gerritsen. “Over 300 million people are practicing yoga now, bringing better health, calmer minds and happier hearts to so many. It’s an exciting time to be helping these ancient wisdom traditions expand and flourish in the modern world,” added Gerritsen. About Places.YogaPlaces.Yoga is a yoga studio, meditation center, and retreat search engine. The site is owned by Imperial Yellow Ventures Inc. www.places.yogaAbout Imperial Yellow Ventures Inc. Imperial Yellow Ventures Inc. is a venture development company created to invest in, develop, and promote digital products and services for the yoga, meditation, and wellness industries, a $4.2 trillion market opportunity, according to the Global Wellness Institute. About International Yoga DayThe UN General Assembly formally recognized June 21st as International Yoga Day on December 11, 2014. Led by India, the resolution was adopted by 177 out of the 193 countries that constitute the UN. It had 175 co-sponsors, the highest ever for any such resolution in the UN General Assembly.

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