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UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – 11-15-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — Founder unveils the story behind the recently launched Global Surgical Society

UAE, November 14, 2018  – After two decades of working with surgeons from all specialties, and because this year was a watershed in the history of social media and personal data with Facebook-Cambridge Analytica Scandal as well as the implementation of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in the European law, Alinda Jansen, a native Dutch, has boldly decided to create PONSIST. A worldwide professional platform for surgeons enabling them to inspire each other, share experiences and techniques, improve the surgical act and leverage overall healthcare conditions.
TRIGGERS‘I wanted to do something for all the surgeons in the world. Something that is entirely good and supportive to their fantastic work’, Alinda Jansen, founder of PONSIST, states with an enthusiasm that lights up the room.She adds ‘Internet brings endless possibilities; health industries post more content online which is either affected by advertising ends or falling into undefined channels. Hence gathering individual knowledge at one central point will inevitably have a positive impact on both professional and personal development.’ The warmth one can see in the eyes of Alinda is clearly showing that she is driven by love and humbleness, as she said: ‘I believe that if this allows me to help surgeons to become better, their patients will be the true beneficiaries. And I’m aware that a patient could also mean me or you or our loved ones. We all wish to get the best possible care when we need it.’AN OVERVIEWGetting in touch with surgeons from the four corners of the world helped Alinda to grasp their needs with ease.From one hand, the majority of surgeons hold back on being visible on known social media and sharing their information, which is often quite sensitive. On a platform such as LinkedIn, sales representatives are known for stalking surgeons with commercial inquiries. The majority of the latter really don’t like when what they share and post is seen as sales opportunity or is subject to pointless reactions and comments.On the other hand, current digital surgical landscape is not optimal. If it is not heavily sponsored by relevant industries, it lacks continuous development and remains small, powerless and not appealing to surgeons.
PONSIST is jumping in that gap by being a neutral, unbiased platform secluded to surgical specialists.SOME FEATURESTo become a member of PONSIST, the surgeon needs to submit an application form that will go through a well-studied verification process before taking the plunge in the platform. PONSIST is inviting all surgical specialists to become members of the platform and share their stories. From its side, PONSIST will reward them by granting digital  appreciation to these brilliant surgeons. Members of PONSIST are invited to contribute a little honorific amount of money to support the ad-free platform. “As soon as you sign in, the world literally becomes your oyster. There’s no need to build your own network within the network itself. Your timeline is fed in harmony with your selected interests and expertise. All posts of your field of expertise will be instantly visible to you.” Alinda says.
Surgeons will be able to contact peers directly within the platform by sending private messages. All communications on platform are encrypted. Ponsist safeguards surgeons personal data, and is committed to keep the platform safe and secure.Many other features are unique to PONSIST including but not limited to;‘Affiliations’ a second timeline designed to set up collaborations with peers around the globe to help them reach international audience of surgeons, organise or announce events, increase the number needed to treat in trials or start easy international multi-centre studies.Special status for pioneers, active contributors and best educators.Posts from different members can be ‘appreciated’ by clicking on a wax seal symbol as a doctorly simulation to the thumb symbol of ‘like’.
PONSIST cares about creating inspiring connection with surgeons and worries about providing them and their patients with the opportunity of an exceptional service and a better life. Plenty of surprises are on the agenda of PONSIST; conferences, refreshing features and more to serve one ultimate aim; making PONSIST a top-notch stage for surgeons. “I’m very excited and passionate about it and I’m sure it will spark your enthusiasm” stated Alinda at the beginning of the conversation leaving a lasting impression on me.
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